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Here are just a few customer compliments:

"Matrix was the only company that took the time to work with our concerns and allowed us to visit existing customers of theirs and talk one on one with the machine operators. I was impressed with what I saw and heard. The Matrix machine seemed to be extremely operator and maintenance friendly; and the changeovers went so rapidly."

"If all the dealings I had with vendors went as well as our dealings with Matrix Packaging Machinery my hair would be darker and my blood pressure lower. I will personally tell anyone who asks what I think of Matrix. I look forward to dealing with your entire organization, both on current equipment and probable future equipment as well."

"As you know, the contract packaging business is a highly competitive one. Your machines have given us an edge in efficiencies, machine uptime and ultimately profit." More customer referrals available upon request.

More Customer Success Stories:


Valley International Cold Storage

Thank you for your help. I have found over the years that working with Matrix is good. I love the response and the attitude of the company. The entire staff and those associated with Matrix are a wonderful reflection of the service and support we have received from your company. I will review this with Jason.

Thank you for the extra effort in educating me and helping us decide the direction of the company.


Anthan Fuller
Valley International Cold Storage


Roskam Baking Company

I have been wanting to send you a e-mail to say that I was sorry that I missed you when you came to my plant a while back. I just wanted to let you know that the Matrix Mercury bagger is a great machine and very dependable. Roskam Baking Company has bought 20 Matrix machines in the last 2 years as they deliver great bagger speeds as well as make a fantastic quality bag. Also, the support that we get from Matrix is outstanding in every aspect. Matrix is always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to our needs. I am in the process of waiting for 3 new machines to be delivered in mid July to replace 2 Hayssen baggers that I am running now. There is no comparison between the 2 as the Mercury bagger out-performs the Hayssen that I am currently running. I hope this gives you some insight on how well these baggers perform. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.

Thank you,

Bill Wakeland


Kenny's Candy Company

Dear Andy:

I wanted to take a moment to write and thank you (and your entire company) for all your support in the past. As you know, over two years ago we purchased one of your Pro Series baggers to replace a foreign made one that, although not that old, was costing a fortune in spare parts and service. Simply said, we struggled to keep it running.

Since then we have had fantastic luck with your machine and your company. It is very refreshing to NOT hear: "we need to get that part from over seas" or "that is no longer available" etc. You even were kind enough to help us with a film issue, not directly related to the bagger.

You built us a great machine and we are extremely happy with it. We look forward to many more years with our Matrix!




Harvest Food Group, Inc

Team Matrix:

I wanted to take a few moments to write to express my gratitude to Matrix Packaging Machinery for your hard work and your professionalism.

A bit of history: A little over a year ago we purchased a competitive machine based on price. As this was our first packaging machine, we were very concerned with keeping costs down. I am writing to tell you that we made a huge mistake that cost our company many times our initial "savings". The savings were very quickly forgotten due to the amount of lost production incurred. The system was down more than it was working and we never did get the system running satisfactorily. Despite the fact we did not buy the first system from you, you were professional and helpful. You were there when we really needed you and sold us our new system at a fair price.

More importantly, the bagger performed exactly as promised, and we couldn't be happier with our decision. Our only regret was not buying a Matrix in the fist place. Please feel free to use us as a reference should you encounter a similar situation in the field.

Kind Regards,

Jason Eckert


Empire Cheese / Great Lakes Cheese

To Everyone at Matrix Packaging:

My name is Chris, I am an operator and relief supervisor for Empire Cheese, a subsidiary of Great Lakes Cheese. I operate two different production lines, both of which have Matrix machines. The purpose of this letter is just to let everyone at Matrix know what a great job they're doing and to keep up the good work. In total Empire alone runs three Matrix packaging machines, all of which do five pound shredded cheese, pillow bags. There is not one negative that I can think of with any of these baggers.

Facts and figures do not lie and I have a great example of why your machines give us efficiency and quality all rolled into one. We ran between 600-700 cases, 4 bags per case, on one of my lines not too long ago to test an adjustment we made on the fill tube. To make sure everything went smoothly about a week after we checked each and every case for leakers. Amazingly enough we only found four leakers. Four!!!! That's an amazing percentage considering the bagger was being run at 41 bags per minute, five pound bags.

Just wanted to let you guys know your work definitely does not go unnoticed and please keep up the excellent work.

Best Wishes,

Chris Wight


Peacock Engineering Company

I wanted to take a few moments to write and tell you how please we at Peacock Engineering Company are with Matrix Packaging Machinery. We appreciate the care you have given us over the years.

Several years ago, we had numerous packaging suppliers' machines in our facilities and only a few older model Matrix baggers. You offered a highly competitive machine at a fair price. We have now replaced all the other machines and are 100% Matrix for our vertical FFS needs. The number of machines has now grown significantly and your service and support is still top notch. In addition, your training programs have been a huge asset within our organization and we are very pleased overall.

As you know, the contract packaging business is a highly competitive one. Your machines have given us an edge in efficiencies, machine uptime and ultimately profit.

Please feel free to use this as a "reference" for other companies interested in purchasing from you. I recommend you, your product and everyone at Matrix highly.


Tom McCaffer
Vice President of Operations


European Roasterie

Dear Brian,

Thank you. Thank you for the machine. Thank you for the service. Thank you for the support. Thank you for the entire experience.

Here at ERI, the largest independent specialty coffee roaster in the country, we sell coffee in quantities from a single 12oz bag to thousands of cases. The variety of coffees, and packaging, make for a challenging production environment. The Matrix Pro Bag in Bag recently purchased and installed here eases that challenge significantly.

Our Pro BiB was purchased due to customer requests for a specific type of package. The versatility of this machine has kept it busy for the past month and a half while we just this week started an order for the new product.

From my first involvement with Matrix it has been a pleasure. Prior to arrival all questions about requirements of the machine were answered promptly and clearly enough so even I could understand. The machine arrived on Friday, March 9th, as promised. I know from experience a promise is not a guarantee. By Tuesday it was unpacked, checked and in position. By Thursday we were done with the air, nitrogen and electrical requirements. By end of day Friday we were running samples and your install tech wasn't even scheduled to arrive until the following Tuesday. Every question I had during this time was answered same day or quicker. Kudos to your entire support staff, especially Dennis Wiltzius and Bill Anderson.

When the field tech, Mike Pavleje, arrived we found out how easy and straightforward changing between the two product lines really was. Mike taught us pretty much everything we needed to know, from setup to change-overs to maintenance and spare parts, in two days. We even managed to come up with a field modification that added a third product line. In retrospect, the machine install and start up went so well we could have forgone an install technician. The investment was well worth it, though, considering the discovered added versatility and the speed with which we were able to bring operators and the machine up to full speed.

Since that time any issue that has come up has been easily handled in-house, except one. That one took about five minutes on the telephone with your service people to resolve. Even the issues we have with our well used Matrix 916 bagger arent what they would be compared to the other machines we have in-house.

If all the dealings I had with vendors went as well as our dealings with Matrix Packaging Machinery my hair would be darker and my blood pressure lower. I will personally tell anyone who asks what I think of Matrix. I look forward to dealing with your entire organization, both on current equipment and probable future equipment as well.

In addition to those mentioned above, I would like to thank the following people, all of whom I have dealt with personally. While youre at it give them a raise or at least buy them a beer. Tim Marchant, Lori Klandrud, Jean Reinemann, Steve Eisner.


Bruce Zuelch


Solution Matrix Inc.

Dear Andy,

The machine is up and running! The main reason for this letter is a thanks for a job well done. As of this afternoon, the machine does everything promised. Randy, our technician is just fabulous. He is innovative, thorough, and one very hard worker. Our staff just loved working with him and he has impressed each of us with his patience, ability to teach and knowledge of machinery. When we were told we were getting a different technician than the one we worked with at the plant, both Cameron and I were very concerned. Needless to say, you sent the perfect person.

Now it is up to Cameron and I to sell out the production capability so we can buy another machine, hopefully a bag-in-bag model. Hope everyone at Matrix is doing well, please pass on our best wishes.


Keith Marshall
Board Chairman


Total Logistics Control, LLC

Dear Chip,

This letter is a recap of our business relationship that started in November 2004 at the PMMI show. As you recall, we were in the market for 4 vertical bagger/scale systems to replace our current Triangle baggers. We narrowed the decision down to 2 vendors and chose Matrix. We were very impressed with what Matrix had to offer so a purchase order was given to you in April 2005. You were always willing to listen to any request we needed on the equipment. We took delivery of the 4 systems in late August and early September 2005. Before arrival, we sent several operators and maintenance techs to your facility for on site training. This installation went very smooth and was better than expected. Your service techs were very knowledgeable to any issues we had. While there were a couple of issues on startup, I appreciate your willingness to stick with these until they were resolved. We would purchase Matrix again if and when we can replace our other bagger/scale systems. Thank you for your continued support of our operations at our Athens facility.

Mike Basham
Plant Engineer
Total Logistic Control, Athens


CANO Packaging Corp

To Whom It May Concern:

Please allow this letter to serve as a testimonial of the wonderful service that we have received from Matrix Packaging Machinery. As a leading company in the confections contract packaging industry, we depend heavily on reliable machinery in order to meet our customer's packaging needs. We are confident in Matrix Packaging Machinery's equipment and for that reason, have just acquired a third Matrix for our facility. As in the past, our account manager, Andy Match, ensured that our latest purchase went as smoothly as possible. He was there every step up of the way to make certain that our new equipment not only met, but exceeded our expectations.

We have been very satisfied with our dealings with Matrix Packaging Machinery and certainly welcome the opportunity to do business with them again in the future.


Bryan Daniels


Global Harvest Foods

To Matrix Packaging Machinery:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank your company for a job well done.

We are a major supplier of pet food for distribution throughout the USA and some places abroad. As our company grew, the demands on our packaging machinery increased and we found that we were having more and more down time due to machine issues. The machines we were having problems with were newer vertical form and fills that had zipper attachments for stand up pouch bags. We did extensive operator and preventative maintenance training to try and help with our problems. We would call the other company with our issues but were always chasing our tails with their tech support people trying to solve our problems. This caused us to do some research on similar machines to be able to function more efficiently and be more competitive in our field of products. Matrix was the only company that took the time to work with our concerns and allowed us to visit existing customers of theirs and talk one on one with the machine operators. I was impressed with what I saw and heard. The Matrix machine seemed to be extremely operator and maintenance friendly; and the changeovers went so rapidly.

I was also able to spend a great amount of the day with Andy Match and Chip Simenz. I had so many questions as to why we should purchase from Matrix. I admit that I was extra hard on these gentlemen, but they answered all my questions and took the time that I needed without pressure. At this time and several machines later I am pleased to say that we mad an excellent choice to go with Matrix. The machines have out performed the ones we have from their competitors and the support from within the company is outstanding. Our down time has decreased and our production rates have increased allowing us to be more competitive in the pet food industry.

I would like to thank every individual from Matrix Packaging for a job well done and for making a difference in our company. It is so nice to work with a committed company that builds a quality product and follows through with every commitment made and then some.

Thank you and we look forward to a long lasting future with Matrix Packaging.

Rick Sainsbury, Maintenance Manager


Golden County Foods

Hello, Mike, I am sending this letter to let you know how pleased we are at Golden County Foods, Inc. with the two machines we purchased from your Company, since installation on February 24, 2004 they have exceeded our expectations, I have had many Brands of VFFS Machines in the past 30 years and none compare to Matrix for ease of maintenance and operation.

As you know, we had a request from our Customer for special packaging (Side Gusset Laminated Bags) the Engineering Department at Matrix was able to design and deliver in a short time frame a Quick Change conversion package for the machines that has worked extremely well, complete change over on the two machines from poly bags to side gusset laminated takes less than a hour.

Our production rates are 24% to 37% above standard rates due to the speed and efficiency of the Machines.

Operational uptime two Year average is 98.7% this includes Teflon jaw seal tape & film changes. Again, I want to thank everyone in your company, Sales, Engineering, Parts, and Technical Support Departments for all you have done for Golden County Foods to help us become a successful Frozen Appetizer Producer at the Moore Road Facility.

Best Regards,

Tony Polacek
Project Manager
Golden County Foods, Inc.