Elete DS-13 Quad

The Elete DS-13 Quad offers benefits of minimal maintenance and off-the-shelf spares as well as a quick changeover and setup.  Features include automatic film tracking, a stainless steel frame, and a registered film sensor.

The Elete Quad is the best solution for high quality four side sealed flat bottom bags.  The cycle speed for this equipment is up to 120 BPM.  Options on the Elete Ds-13 Quad include washdown construction, gash flush, and quad ready features.

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  • Benefits & Options for Elete Quad Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

    • Ease of operation
    • Minimal maintenance / Off-the-shelf spares
    • Quick changeover and setup
    • Reduced operating cost
    • Tremendous value for the dollar
    • Washdown construction
    • Edge or center back seal ("adjustable back seal")
    • Hole punch
    • Valve applicator
    • Gas flush
    • Quad ready
  • Features

    • Stainless steel frame
    • Machine range (W x L): - Elete DS13 Quad: 13" x 18" (330mm x 457mm)
    • Double Stack High speed stepper electric "Smart Jaw ST" sealing system
    • Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1500 PLC with 10.4" adjustable position color touch screen
    • Integrated temperature control system PLC
    • Automatic web edge guide film tracking system, Encoder and registration sensor standard
    • Run pillow, FBB or quad bags on one machine
    • Integration with labelers and valve applicators as options
    • Tool free film roll and forming tube change over
    • Modular, non-proprietary design
    • User configurable spare PLC I/O and USB port for data storage
  • Premier Upgrade

    Stainless steel and poly jaw upgrades

    The Elete Premier is designed to thrive in high sanitation environments that require stainless steel.  This machine works at a cycle speed up to 130 BPM.  With a laminate or poly film sealing capability and its compatibility with all types of fillers, the Elete Premier is the perfect solution for manufacturing.

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