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Rollstock Pouch Packaging Systems

  • FL 1.7 BV: Top or Corner Pouch Machine

    FL 1.7 BV: Top or Corner Pouch Machine

    Show demonstration: Insert a corner spout or a center spout from the same applicator

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  • FL_Ultra_Clean

    FL Ultra Clean

    Ideal for products affected by contamination at the processing area

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  • FL_1.4_H_STU_1

    FL 1.4 H STU 1

    High speed die-cutting for forms shaped and flat doypack pouches on the same machine without needing to change large parts

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  • Zipper_and_Film_Splicing

    Zipper and Film Splicing

    System automatically starts new reels of film and zipper materials and rejects just 4 affected pouches

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  • FL3.2_Big_Pouch

    FL3.2 Big Pouch

    Progressive fixation system firmly grips bag for incredible stability. Speeds running large bags reaches up to 40 pouches per minute

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  • FL_2.6_V_TV_2

    FL 2.6 V - TV 2

    FLtecnics' rotary system avoids any possible collision between mechanisms

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  • FL_2.6_V_CV_1

    FL 2.6 V - CV 1

    The most flexible HFFS solution

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    FL 1.7 TV 1 Special Spout Pharma

    Great solution for custom-made projects for “oddly-shaped” spouts.

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  • Stroke_on_Demand_Feature

    Stroke on Demand Feature

    Automatically stops the machine should product not be available.

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  • Gripper_Test

    Gripper Test

    This video shows off the strength of the gripper on the rollstock pouch packaging system.

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  • FL_2.2_H_STU_2

    FL 2.2 H / STU 2

    Stand-up Pouch with dual discharge

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  • FL_1.7_BV_TV_1

    FL 1.7 BV / TV 1

    Basic Single Top Valve Pouch

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  • CV


    Corner Valve Pouch

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  • Zipper_Splicing

    Zipper Splicing

    Automatic zipper splicer

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  • STU_1

    STU 1

    Single Stand-up Pouch

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