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Empire Cheese / Great Lakes Cheese

To Everyone at Matrix Packaging:

My name is Chris, I am an operator and relief supervisor for Empire Cheese, a subsidiary of Great Lakes Cheese. I operate two different production lines, both of which have Matrix machines. The purpose of this letter is just to let everyone at Matrix know what a great job they're doing and to keep up the good work. In total Empire alone runs three Matrix packaging machines, all of which do five pound shredded cheese, pillow bags. There is not one negative that I can think of with any of these baggers.

Facts and figures do not lie and I have a great example of why your machines give us efficiency and quality all rolled into one. We ran between 600-700 cases, 4 bags per case, on one of my lines not too long ago to test an adjustment we made on the fill tube. To make sure everything went smoothly about a week after we checked each and every case for leakers. Amazingly enough we only found four leakers. Four!!!! That's an amazing percentage considering the bagger was being run at 41 bags per minute, five pound bags.

Just wanted to let you guys know your work definitely does not go unnoticed and please keep up the excellent work.

Best Wishes,

Chris Wight