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European Roasterie

Dear Brian,

Thank you. Thank you for the machine. Thank you for the service. Thank you for the support. Thank you for the entire experience.

Here at ERI, the largest independent specialty coffee roaster in the country, we sell coffee in quantities from a single 12oz bag to thousands of cases. The variety of coffees, and packaging, make for a challenging production environment. The Matrix Pro Bag in Bag recently purchased and installed here eases that challenge significantly.

Our Pro BiB was purchased due to customer requests for a specific type of package. The versatility of this machine has kept it busy for the past month and a half while we just this week started an order for the new product.

From my first involvement with Matrix it has been a pleasure. Prior to arrival all questions about requirements of the machine were answered promptly and clearly enough so even I could understand. The machine arrived on Friday, March 9th, as promised. I know from experience a promise is not a guarantee. By Tuesday it was unpacked, checked and in position. By Thursday we were done with the air, nitrogen and electrical requirements. By end of day Friday we were running samples and your install tech wasn't even scheduled to arrive until the following Tuesday. Every question I had during this time was answered same day or quicker. Kudos to your entire support staff, especially Dennis Wiltzius and Bill Anderson.

When the field tech, Mike Pavleje, arrived we found out how easy and straightforward changing between the two product lines really was. Mike taught us pretty much everything we needed to know, from setup to change-overs to maintenance and spare parts, in two days. We even managed to come up with a field modification that added a third product line. In retrospect, the machine install and start up went so well we could have forgone an install technician. The investment was well worth it, though, considering the discovered added versatility and the speed with which we were able to bring operators and the machine up to full speed.

Since that time any issue that has come up has been easily handled in-house, except one. That one took about five minutes on the telephone with your service people to resolve. Even the issues we have with our well used Matrix 916 bagger aren't what they would be compared to the other machines we have in-house.

If all the dealings I had with vendors went as well as our dealings with Matrix Packaging Machinery my hair would be darker and my blood pressure lower. I will personally tell anyone who asks what I think of Matrix. I look forward to dealing with your entire organization, both on current equipment and probable future equipment as well.

In addition to those mentioned above, I would like to thank the following people, all of whom I have dealt with personally. While you're at it give them a raise or at least buy them a beer. Tim Marchant, Lori Klandrud, Jean Reinemann, Steve Eisner.


Bruce Zuelch