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Global Harvest Foods

To Matrix Packaging Machinery:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank your company for a job well done.

We are a major supplier of pet food for distribution throughout the USA and some places abroad. As our company grew, the demands on our packaging machinery increased and we found that we were having more and more down time due to machine issues. The machines we were having problems with were newer vertical form and fills that had zipper attachments for stand up pouch bags. We did extensive operator and preventative maintenance training to try and help with our problems. We would call the other company with our issues but were always chasing our tails with their tech support people trying to solve our problems. This caused us to do some research on similar machines to be able to function more efficiently and be more competitive in our field of products. Matrix was the only company that took the time to work with our concerns and allowed us to visit existing customers of theirs and talk one on one with the machine operators. I was impressed with what I saw and heard. The Matrix machine seemed to be extremely operator and maintenance friendly; and the changeovers went so rapidly.

I was also able to spend a great amount of the day with Andy Match and Chip Simenz. I had so many questions as to why we should purchase from Matrix. I admit that I was extra hard on these gentlemen, but they answered all my questions and took the time that I needed without pressure. At this time and several machines later I am pleased to say that we mad an excellent choice to go with Matrix. The machines have out performed the ones we have from their competitors and the support from within the company is outstanding. Our down time has decreased and our production rates have increased allowing us to be more competitive in the pet food industry.

I would like to thank every individual from Matrix Packaging for a job well done and for making a difference in our company. It is so nice to work with a committed company that builds a quality product and follows through with every commitment made and then some.

Thank you and we look forward to a long lasting future with Matrix Packaging.

Rick Sainsbury, Maintenance Manager