Trader Joe Trail Mix Matrix Bag In Bag VFFS
Kauai Coffee Matrix Bag In Bag VFFS
Tipiton Suckers Matrix Bag In Bag VFFS

The Matrix Bag-in-Bag machine provides an way for customers to fill a smaller pillow bag and then package it in a secondary overwrap or master bag. Great for single serve options where you need two different films, such as when you are producing a filter pouch filled with ground coffee and need to preserve the freshness by packaging in a foil overwrap bag. Or, when you are producing single-serve bags and want to package more than one into a master bag. Master bag can be a pillow, flat bottom or gusseted style.

Packaging granules, powders or solids.

Machines: Matrix Elete Bag-in-Bag

Films: Resistance or laminate films including, paper, filter, foil, sustainable recyclable or compostable films and more.

Package Benefits

  • Cost effective, reliable package styles
  • Film can be utilized for advertising with full printing/branding capabilities, including date and product coding and labeling
  • Sustainable packaging film options
  • Flexible, multiple options available such as; size, tear notch, hole punch, and gas fill options (Modified Atmosphere Packaging – MAP)
  • Multiple material options

Consumer Benefits

  • Takes up little space
  • Green option, not a lot of packaging
  • Easy open options
  • Easy to store and keep fresh