Matrix offers a high-quality video camera and display system that allows for more efficient operation of your packaging line. This system will allow your operators to see in real-time high-resolution color the top of the scale. The display can be either mounted on the wall or the Matrix bagger swing arm.

The Camera is an Industrial unit housed in 316 Stainless Steel. It features 700 lines of resolution as well as infrared illuminators. This is an Analog camera and does not suffer from the choppy video performance that plagues digital cameras systems. It responds very quickly allowing for detailed images to be sent by wire back to the display.

The display is a Video Surveillance specific unit intended for mission critical 24 – hour operation. It uses LED technology and measures 9” in diagonal. This monitor is housed in a 304 Stainless Steel Enclosure Unit comes with a 6-foot power cord fitted with a 120 VAC plug.

Pro-Surveil Installation Instructions:

  • 1) Mount the Display Enclosure and connect power:

    The enclosure can either be attached to the bagger HMI swing arm if there is enough room, or it can be wall mounted. If wall mounting is desired, the green poly mounting blocks must be removed from the rear of the enclosure. These are secured with fasteners that have nuts inside the enclosure. The holes will need to be caulked to prevent water from entering. Power can be simply a 120 VAC connection to the included power cord or it can be powered by 240 VAC with direct wiring to the bagger. No changes to the internal wiring of the system is needed for 240 VAC operation. There is an internal power supply that develops the 12 VDC that is required by the display and camera.

  • 2) Mount and wire the camera:

    The camera is provided with a 3-ear base to allow for attachment. Locate above the center of the scale if possible. It is generally best to make a temporary mounting and adjust as needed to provide the best display. The wiring is plug in and should be tapped up with electrical tape after final installation to prevent water damage. Use the included Allen wrench to open the housing for aiming of the internal camera turret.

  • 3) Run the camera wire:

    Attached to the display unit is a 100-foot composite power and video cable. Route this cable to avoid moving parts and personnel areas. A drip loop of at least 6” should be created at the display location. Coil up excess length and tie it away from trouble. This cable should not be spliced as the internal wires are sensitive to electrical noise.

  • 4) Connect camera Cable to the display:

    This is a simple connection that must be protected with electrical tape to prevent moisture damage.

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