FL 1.4B / 1.7B HFFS Rollstock Machine for Small Pouches / Sachets in Compact Footprint


Our Machinery line models FL 1.4 B & FL 1.7 B are designed specifically for customers looking for production machines that are compact, robust and fast.

This series incorporates most of ultimate generation electronic components and mechanicals, to provide a reliable equipment with same features as FLtècnics bigger series: quick and easy changeover, filling accuracy, perfect package finishes, and a small footprint.

The flexibility of this series gives the ability to handle a wide range of formats sizes for 3-4 sides sachets, single or twin with central perforation, running either in simplex or duplex version, to meet market’s requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Expanding Reel Shaft
    • Easy reel loading
    • Measuring ruler and end of reel sensor
    • Pneumatical pressure adjustment
  • Efficient Pouch Opening System
    Mechanical pouch opening group combined by 3 systems.
    • Top suction cups
    • Blowing tube
    • Mechanical pouch lineal closing grippers
  • Easy and Fast Change Over
    • Pneumatic control of film tension
    • Motorized bottom and vertical sealing bars
    • Monoblock group formed by motorized film feed unit and scissors
    • HMI recipes screen
  • Machine Frame In Stainless Steel AISI 304
    • Sanitary design, frontal plate without housings and without exterior orifices, in compliance with pharma & food requirements
    • Robust and stable, vibration free while running
    • Frontal plate 20 mm thick
  • Different Product Fillers
    Multiple fillers can be mounted to work with a variety of products.
    • Auger filler, Volumetric filler, counting system, and more
    • Piston filler “pneumatic or servo driven”


Solid Filling Systems

For powders, granulates & pieces:

  • Auger filler, Volumetric cup filler lineal and rotary, designed and manufactured by FLtècnics
  • Multi-head & lineal weighers
  • Counting filling systems
  • Customized fillers for special applications

Liquid Filling Systems

For liquid and pasty products:

  • Mass and magnetic flow meters: Endress+Hausser, Bopp & Reuther
  • Piston fillers with pneumatic or servomotor operation
  • Customized fillers for special applications
  • Innovative system of filling correction in real time, standard on all our flow-metering dosing system

Pouch Styles