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Automotive Stand-Up Liquid Pouch with Resealable Corner Spout

View this heavy-duty stand-up liquid pouch with resealable corner spout that is produced on a rollstock pouch packaging machine capable of accommodating liquid or dry products packaged in zippered, top or corner spout, flat, stand-up, and/or shaped pouches. Note the pouch’s neat appearance. Its leak-proof seal is created through an innovative process of sealing twice and cooling once with the spout being applied prior to filling.

Hotspot: Corner Spout

The pouch is fitted with a resealable corner spout fitment. The neat appearance and leak-proof seal is created through a process of sealing twice and cooling once with the spout being applied prior to filling.


Lube Tech uses state-of-the-art stand-up pouch packaging technology to package its premium engine oil. The heavy duty stand-up liquid pouch with pour spout is produced on the FLtècnics FL 1.7 BV rollstock pouch form/fill/seal system from Matrix Packaging Machinery. The corner spout can also be produced on any BV, V or W machine models in any machine size including 1.4, 1.7, 2.2, and 2.6.

Lube Tech also runs an FL 2.6 W that produces all pouch presentations (top spout, corner spout, custom-shaped, etc). The flexible pouches are available in 7 different pouch sizes (2 – 48 fluid ounces) on the FL 2.6 W machine and 2 sizes (2 – 20 fluid ounces) on the FL 1.7 BV. Lube Tech needs just 2 machines to accomplish what others need 6 machines accomplish. FLtecnics is the only machine manufacturer to provide machines with such flexibility.

The spout securely adheres to the film through a unique spout placement process. The technology directs the fitment inline with the travel of the pouch. The pouch and spout move in the same direction for perfect placement and sealing resulting in a smooth appearance and impervious bond. Lube Tech has the option to also run a top spout and produce custom die-cut sample packs.

The FL 1.7 BV and FL 2.6 W rollstock pouch systems accommodate a variety of fitments to suit a variety of products and industries such as beverages (fruit juices, alcoholic and energy and soft drinks), cosmetics (body lotions, moisturizing creams and shampoos), and food (sauces, purees and jellies).

It’s more than an appealing package. With a flexible pouch Lube Tech and other FL1.7 BV customers benefit from a significant cost savings in transportation and storage costs. Pouches are lighter than thick plastic bottles and empty pouches can be shipped and stored flat, taking up a fraction of the space in a truck. One pallet of pouches takes up the same amount of space as an entire truckload of plastic bottles. Once filled, a pouch’s changing shape still requires less space than a bottle. In turn, customers are able to reduce their overall environmental footprint.

On store shelves, stand-up pouches provide a more compact shelf-stacking footprint versus plastic bottles, and the amount of space available for messaging is greater on the pouch than on bottle labels. Furthermore, the flexible shape of the pouch conforms to retail shelf display parameters. The hole punch feature is easily integrated to facilitate pouch pegboard-hanging displays.