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Ready-to-Drink Slushie in Stand-Up Pouch

Sunny Sky Products partnered with Matrix and FLtècnics to produce a stand-up pouch that does not require special equipment or mixing, which means less mess.

Each healthy Ice Dog juice slushie serving is contained in a neat, easy-to-carry pouch, allowing kids to grab, tear open, and squeeze the ready-to-drink slushie.

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The shape of the top of the package can only be produced with rollstock due to the narrow opening and need for a post-fill die-cut. The product requires flexible packaging since it must be squeezed in order to move the product through the opening. A bottle could not accommodate that same function.

Attractive standard features on all FLtècnics solutions include Allen Bradley PLC, HMI and a three-year mechanical parts warranty, which is the best in the industry. An additional option is tear-notch laser scoring for extra ease in opening and dispensing.

Educators and parents appreciate this pouch design as it creates less mess versus traditional on-the-go pouch drinks that require a straw to be inserted into a hole. The hole often causes leaks through and around the straw. Children like that the pouch is easy to hold, as the midsection is convex for small hands to securely grip. Sunny

Sky produces the Ice Dog fruit slushie product and has been able to establish their brand in the school lunch program with this functional, but unique, kid-friendly pouch. Full front panel and back panel graphics in bold, bright colors increase the product’s appeal to children, parents, and educators alike.