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Stickpack Laser Coding, Printing & Scoring

Inspect the precise execution of easy-open stickpacks.

Laser-scored film creates a perfect stickpack opening experience.Rotate and zoom in on the finer points of these new stickpacks .

The same laser that is used for coding and printing can be used for scoring, too. When scoring, the laser breaks the first layer of the film without damaging the internal layer. This guarantees a perfect opening experience for consumers.

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The laser scoring process offers high repeatability because it eliminates mechanical devices such as tear notch knives. Apart from scoring, the laser coding and printing create indelible, scratch resistant imprints to give consumers legible print without degradation associated with traditional printers. Inever is a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging equipment serving a variety of industries including food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic. The company was the first form/fill/seal company specializing on the innovative stickpack format in 1995. Whatever the product requirements, Inever can provide custom machine solutions for quality and “Ultra Clean” stickpack and sachet production. Learn more about Inever Stickpack & Sachet Packaging Solutions