FL 1.4 H STU 1

  • Internal label straw application: Polyethylene piece of film that is sealed at the pouch’s inner side to cover the hole where the straw is to inserted.
  • High speed die-cutting for shaped and flat doypack pouches: This feature makes it simple and fast to produce both shaped and non-shaped pouches on the same machine without needing to change large parts. Other company’s machines need to remove the cutting die, detach it entirely from the machine itself which can be a difficult task. The weight of the cutting die makes it hard to handle and changing the die increases the risk of not being perfectly adjusted each time the die is installed.
  • Automatic changeover from touch panel
  • Expanding cone: The cone is responsive so that when it is inserted into the pouch, the cone inflates to avoid any air leaking and ensure that the pouch is perfectly opened and ready to be filled. This is possible even when dealing with very thick film material.
  • High resistance: Pouch produced are extremely durable and an attractive substitute for replacing bottles.
  • Speeds: Run up to 85 pouches per minute, depending on the product.