Matrix X

The X machine packs the effective production capacity of two machines, up to 250-bags-per-minute, into the floor space typically required for one 45-inch wide bagger.

Hello, my name is Mike Fremming. I’m an engineer with Matrix Packaging Machinery. I’d like to share with you some of the details of an ingenious machine we’ve engineered, called Matrix X machine. To meet the demand for more production out of the available plant floor space, we have created an ingeniously designed twin machine. The Matrix X Twin Tube machine occupies only 55 inches of width. The forming tubes are spaced 26 inches apart on center. This narrow footprint generally allows it to replace a single tube machine, thereby doubling the output for the same amount of floor space.

Operator access is excellent with both sides of the machine open. All operator machine tending functions are easily accomplished from the sides of the machine. For example, film is loaded into the machine from the side onto a cantilever spindle.
Fast printer ribbon replacement is accomplished through an open framework that is an integral part of the film carriage. Side mounted push buttons allow for efficient machine control.

The front guard doors open from the side of the machine because they are hinged in the center.

Vacuum pull belts provide versatility in packaging film selection. All parts of the machine are either stainless steel or hard anodized aluminum. The horizontal sealing section has a bag size range of two to seven and one-half inches of width and is servo motion controlled.

Located beneath the horizontal jaw is a bag accumulator that is used for creating a gap in the output of the machine after a preset number of bags. This gap in flow allows the case packer to place a new empty box under the conveyor.

Integrated augers are provided by automation, supply, and engineering. These premium quality servo controlled units are very robust and reliable.

A remote operator station, including a check weigh feedback scale allows for very accurate bag weights. Operators are prompted when to take a sample weight. The platform scale communicates directly with the main control system for ease of use.

This is a Matrix X machine is actual production. Notice the flow of red bags exiting the machine in the lower right hand corner. Each side of this machine is running at 90, thus providing 180 bags per minute of total output. The angled film carriage gives us a smooth, short path for the film to travel through the machine. Also, rethreading a new web is much faster with a limited number of film rollers. A designed registration roller can be easily accessed without stopping the machine for minor adjustments. Full guarding on the front protects operator from the vertical and horizontal sealing system. In addition, the gray push button station is on adjustable mounts for operator preference.

This is the bag accumulator shown in operation. The benefit of this design is that machine production is not interrupted when a gap is created. Machine output is simply held in a bucket until a sufficient gap in conveyor flow is created. Easy machine cleaning is made possible by enclosed stainless steel wire weights located down the center of the machine.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to watch this presentation. Please visit our show booth for more details on how the Matrix X machine can maximize your production. Have a good day.