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Toyo Jidoki Pre-Made Pouch Machines

Toyo Jidoki specializes in developing and manufacturing automatic filling and packing machines. Beginning in 1960, the company has dedicated years to improving its independently developed technology. Now, through Matrix, the company offers rotary bagging machines. As the best in the industry when it comes to flexible packaging, Toyo Jidoki focuses on packaging pouches for various industries.

Matrix is an exclusive distributor for Toyo Jidoki. We market, sell, and support the company products throughout North and South America. Our large service team can provide maintenance and repairs and Matrix offers both spare and consumable parts from our location in Wisconsin.

Each of these bagging systems are automatic and available for a variety of bag styles. Features on these machines include full automation, quick changeovers, reliability, durability, and much more. Designed for customers in diverse industries, the rotary bagging equipment is fast acting. Safe for dry, frozen, and liquid products, the Pre-Made Pouch Filler & Sealer TT-8D-N and the Pre-Made Pouch Filler & Sealer TT-8D-R increase time efficiency, exceeding product requirements.

Each automated pouch packaging system offers an intermittent cam drive and a motor driven volumetric control as well as ease of use, high speeds, and a durable construction. The TT-8D-N is widely flexible for various pouch formats and dry or frozen products, while the TT-8D-R is flexible for different pouch formats and liquid products.

Benefits of the TT-8D-N are widely flexible for various pouch formats and product types. Designed for safe and sanitary operation, this machine offers an easy cleaning, washdown design. Its simple, intuitive operation and maintenance is easily controlled by touch screen controls. The TT-8D-R features an easy cleaning, washdown design with a liquid filling pump, pouching opening and filling, and a conveyor magazine. The conveyor magazine can load more than 600 pouches and is flexible to comply with pouches press-to-close.

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