INVpack Multilane Stickpack Machine SP Series 6/9/12

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The SP Series machine forms, fills and seals high quality three side seal stickpacks. Based on a closed main frame driven by servo motors engines, this model can have all elements including the reel inside the cabinet, what generates positive air pressure by not allowing entry dust. It is capable of producing up to 1400 stickpacks per cycle.

The SP Series is suitable powders, granulates, liquids and pasty products for cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Main markets include the food and cosmetics industries. It is driven by servo motion. Equipped with an industrial PC from B&R. It is very flexible in terms of stickpack style formats and is capable of forming stickpacks with two different compartments already pre-cut (twin), different shapes and the ability to change the stickpack length through the touch screen.

There is a lot to be said about this well known machine, with many benefits that guarantee an easy step from a larger format to a single dose for "on-the-go" package.

A small footprint is among the outstanding features of this machine series, and provides a significant advantage in comparison to horizontal form fill seal machinery. Larger machines offering similar formats are often more expensive and the subsequent additional cost can sometimes be a deterant, our SP series can offer a smaller footprint with the needed production output.

Another remarkable feature is that these packages have a large and flat surface that makes possible to print on both sides of the stickpack, making the most of the available space. It is an ideal format for sampling.

Stickpacks are highly suitable and used by the cosmetics and food industry as it allows multiple options for sizing and offers amazing finishes and very visually appealing.

Features & Benefits

  • Small footprint
  • Unwind system with integrated auto-alignment
  • Splicing table
  • Film compensator
  • Adjustable vertical cutting blades
  • Powerful horizontal sealer
  • Powder fillers assembled in a mobile platform for cleaning
  • Touch screen panel
  • PLC control
  • Can package liquid, pasty, granulated, powder, or solid products
  • Non-bulky package varies depending on customer needs and we can offer
    • Duplex format with perforations
    • Twin, contains two different products
    • Sugar and stick, with different fillers, solid and granulate


  • Integrated coding systems (Laser, Inkjet, TTO)
  • Tear notch
  • Gas flush
  • Vacuum assist
  • Diamond seal end-cut

Stickpack Styles



Multilane Stickpack SP Series SP9


Multilane Stickpack SP Series SP12