Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine Accessories

With the variety of customer machines currently in use, you can see for yourself how our vertical form fill seal machines have been designed for durability, quick setup and changeovers, proven reliability, ease of operation, and minimal maintenance. All of these factors result in a lower operating cost. These features, along with the ability to run a variety of films from standard resistance films to compostable or recycled films aids customers in reducing waste and helps them to achieve any sustainability initiatives or goals they may have.

Continuing the company’s constant evolution, Matrix develops optional features and upgrades for customers operating in every environment and to meet:

  • Production rates
  • Industry standards
  • Requirements

The VFFS machines are dynamic and available with customizable options and accessories.

The technology and innovation solutions offer profitability through efficiencies and precision.

Matrix offers a high-quality video camera and display system that allows for more efficient operation of your packaging line.

Compact checkweigher to ensure accurate weighting of smaller sized pouches.

The Matrix film material handling lift provides operators a safer, easier way of changing film.