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Renew, Reuse, Recycle, Compost

Matrix Packaging Machinery builds packaging machines that have small footprints, compact back stands, and that can run a variety of green films, including, compostable, recyclable, paper, and more!

Consumers and companies alike desire more and more to purchase products that are more responsible and help them to be better stewards of the environment. At Matrix we understand that this extends to packaging as well. To achieve this commitment, Matrix works closely with its customers to provide packaging systems that accomplish their sustainability goals.

Matrix has always worked proactively to make sure the footprint of our machines is small. This works well to help save our customers space on the facility floor and cuts down on film and waste during change-over. The Matrix team can actively work with customers whenever possible to help them meet their sustainability aspirations.

Some of the more recent trends of sustainable packaging include the demand for on-the-go convenience, food safety, less product waste and reusable bags/pouches. The Matrix Mercury vertical form fill seal machine, for one, can run compostable and recycled films efficiently. While the Matrix Morpheus offers AutoPro™ programming technology as a standard. This aids in reducing waste and excess bags during changeovers by up to 50%. Both machines boast a small footprint. These features, along with many others, allow Matrix to help its customers to work on achieving their sustainability goals with their target audiences.

Watch the Matrix Elete Premier form and seal large empty recyclable pillow bags.

Watch the Matrix Mercury form, fill, and seal compostable pillow bags.

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