Pacraft (formerly Toyo Jidoki)i Pre-Made Pouch Filler/Sealer TT-8D-N

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Matrix, the master distributor of Pacraft (formerly Toyo Jidoki) can provide not only an expert sales team to answer all your questions on pre-made pouch machines, but also provide aftermarket parts and consumables, and employ a large knowledgeable service team strategically located throughout the country.

The Pacraft (formerly Toyo Jidoki) TT-8D-N pre-made pouch filler / sealer is widely flexible for various pouch formats and dry/frozen products. This pre-made pouch filler and sealer is designed for applications in the frozen foods, seafood, snacks, rice and other grains, noodles, pet foods, granular and powder products, and much more. With one heat seal and one cooling station, the TT-8D-N offers an effective sealing method.

This system is widely flexible for various pouch formats and product types including flat, stand-up, and press-to-close pouch styles. Accessories on this machine include a product feeding hopper, product discharge conveyor, pouch opening follow-up guide, product counter, heater disconnection alarm, and pouch opening detection device.

Typical Product Stations
  • 1st StationPouch magazine/conveyor
  • 2nd StationPrinting/Labeling
  • 3rd StationPouch Opening
  • 4th StationPouch Filling
  • 5th StationOptional Fill/Flush
  • 6th StationReject and/or N2 Gas Flush
  • 7th StationHeat Sealing
  • 8th StationCooling, Product Discharge

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible pouch formats
  • easy clean and wash-down style
  • User friendly operation
  • Touch screen controls
  • Safety guarding (fully enclosed)
  • Small footprint


  • Date printer
  • Deflator*
  • Tapping*
  • N2 gas flush device^
  • Zip close device
  • Zip open device*
  • Fill pause mode
  • Seal area cleaning^
  • Pouch recycle
  • Double pouch detection
  • Various filling devices^
  • Product in-seal detection^
  • Stand-up pouch bottom opening device^
  • Pouch pick-up position detection

* Standard when purchased from Matrix

^ Depends on application


  • Frozen foods
  • Seafood
  • Snacks
  • Rice & other grains
  • Noodles
  • Pet food
  • Granular & powder
  • Various additional applications

Technical Specifications

Pre Made Pouch Filler TT 8D N Technical Data