INVpack Dairy Multilane Stickpack PH6/9 Ultra Clean

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The INV Pack PH6/9 is an Ultra Clean stickpack system for processed cheese and yogurt. This UHT (Ultra Pasteurized) machine features up to 15 lanes and produces a 3 sided seal stick pack. Machine have stainless steel construction, CIP and SIP dosing systems, forming collars, hopper, filling process and laminar flow provide the best stickpack packaging option for your next dairy project.

Features & Benefits

  • Small footprint
  • Film protected from the environment
  • Dedusting systems
  • UV lamps
  • CIP/SIP predisposition
  • Touch screen panel
  • PLC control
  • Can package liquid, pasty, granulated, powder or solid products
Dairy Multilane Stickpack PH6 Ultraclean
Dairy Multilane Stickpack PH9 Ultraclean