INVpack VFFS Multilane Flat Sachets MVA9

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The compact, modular, and robust INVpack MVA9 EVO forms, fills and seals 4 side seal flat sachets for liquids, powders, granulates and pasty products, depending on additional accessories. Designed to work with reels up to a 900 mm width, it is designed for low to medium production outputs which require high quality sealing. Output ranges from 280 stickpacks per minute for a four-lane operation to 700 per minute with ten lanes. Widths range from 100 mm for a four-lane operation to 40 mm for ten lanes. Lengths range from 60 mm to 160 mm.

Ideal dosing applications include: powders, granulates, solids, liquids and pasty products. The MVA9 is ideal for a variety of markets such as: food, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It is very flexible in terms of format as it is capable to form sachets with two different compartments already pre-cut (twin) and different shapes. Changing the sachet length is simply done through the touch screen.

Features & Benefits

  • Small footprint
  • Unwind system with integrated auto-alignment
  • Splicing table
  • Film compensator

  • Adjustable vertical cutting blades
  • Powerful horizontal sealer
  • Powder fillers assembled in a mobile platform for cleaning
  • Touch screen panel
  • PLC control
  • Can package liquid, pasty, granulated, powder or solid products


  • Integrated coding systems (Laser, Inkjet, TTO)
  • Tear notch
  • Gas flush
  • Vacuum assist
  • Diamond seal end-cut

Sachet Styles

Multilane Flat Sachet Machine MVA9