Options & Accessories: Matrix's Automatic Setup & Changeover System AutoPro

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Price/Performance Breakthrough

Available on the Matrix Morpheus Continuous Motion Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

Time consuming adjustments during changeover leads high speed continuous motion (CM) vertical form fill seal machines to be primarily used for long runs of the same package. This solution from Matrix eliminates manual adjustments such as hand cranks and thumb screws on its Morpheus series machines in favor of precision electronic motion control.

This innovative solution reduces changeover downtime by a minimum of 50 percent when a new package is run. The Matrix AutoPro system replicates those same adjustments at any time in the future in a matter of minutes with an assured accuracy of 1/1,000 of an inch. Matrix Morpheus now delivers both speed and flexibility for operations running any number of different packages on the same line. AutoPro is a fraction of the cost and size of typical servo controlled systems and has been added to the Morpheus series of machines as a standard feature. Ultra-small motors have no impact on the footprint of either machine – both are compact.

AutoPro Changeover System

The Matrix AutoPro seeks to reduce changeover time by using servo mechanisms to make the critical adjustments you need to run a new film, bag size, or product, thus freeing up the operator to do other needed tasks for changeover. The positions of the various adjustments are saved in the product recipe. All an operator needs to do is replace the forming tube with the new one and load the correct film. Each critical mechanical adjustment is then automatically returned to the position from the last time that job was saved. This system allows for much faster change-over, saving not only time, but money with reduced film waste. As well as reduced time an opertor needs to dial-in the film to make the perfect bag. A definite benefit for companies with sustainability initiatives.

The AutoPro system is the right choice for fast paced production environments requiring flexibility and reduced change-over time.