Cheese & Dairy Industry

Matrix Packaging Machinery provides high quality form fill seal machines specifically for manufacturers of cheese and dairy products. Matrix is able to offer efficient and reliable systems to ensure that dairy products are packaged with the maximum sanitation and safety. We understand the complexities of geographic specific sanitation standards and are willing to work with your specific needs and application to optimize your output and final product.

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For over 25 years, Matrix has worked to establish itself as a leader in delivering well engineered, customer responsive, and application specific packaging systems. From the vertical form fill seal solutions to the flexible packaging product line, including Toyo Jidoki automated pouch systems, FLtecnics rollstock horizontal form fill seal, and INV Pack stickpack and sachet systems, our products are designed to last.

Empire Cheese/Great Lakes Cheese Testimonial

The Morpheus high speed vertical form fill seal machine includes sanitary features specifically designed for the cheese and dairy industry – stainless steel construction for long service life in harsh wash-down environments. With the Morpheus cheese packaging, cheese makers and packers now have a vertical form fill seal solution that can help them become more productive and profitable.

The Matrix Elete Premier with a Sanitary Design offers More Options for Customers requiring a More Hygienic Approach to Packaging Machine. These can help cheese packers of all sizes and individual needs increase uptime, decrease waste, and improve the overall efficiency. The Elete Series of machines are rated at cycle speeds up to 130 bags per minute. Bag sizes range from a minimum of 3 inches wide by 3 inches long to 18 inches wide and 23 inches long. This competitively priced vertical form-fill-seal machine is ultra-heavy duty for long service life. It features a stainless steel 4 by 4 inch extreme duty welded frame. Available options on the Elete include a load shelf for heavier bags and a gas flushing system for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) applications.

Matrix Packaging vertical machines are built using USDA / WDA 3A sanitary design specifications. Our form fill seal technology can be trusted to package your dairy products without affecting the final product. Whether you are packaging shredded, grated, cubed, hard, soft, or processed cheeses, in bulk or retail sizes, we have vast experience in packaging for the dairy industry. Easy integration with a variety of fillers and other ancillary equipment make Matrix Packaging Machinery the absolute answer to all your packaging questions.

Staying ahead of the trends in packaging for the industry, Matrix works hard to keep customers satisfied with the latest innovations and technologies available on the market. g flawless seals with less dwell time; the final result is higher speeds, less consumable energy, and peace of mind that your product is protected.

Matrix Packaging Machinery offers an ultra-clean dairy multilane stickpack machine. The INV Pack PH6 machine is specifically designed to package dairy products including yogurt and dairy beverages. The PH6 cleanly integrates with your ultra-pasteurizing system, and with six to fifteen lanes, allows the manufacturer high speeds and unbelievable accuracy. Features on the ultra-clean dairy multilane stickpack system includes a closed stainless steel frame except for the unwind section, a variety of dosing systems that include CIP and SIP abilities as well as optional conveyor and sorting equipment that allow for automatic cartoning or counted transfer.

INV Pack provides high quality stickpack and sachet systems for flexible packaging applications. The technologies that have evolved from INV Pack follow rigorous hygienic rules including the Ultra Clean format used in the dairy multilane stickpack system. There are tremendous cost-saving attributes; for example, stick packs require less material to house the same amount of product as other flexible pouches. Many of our customers have adopted the format largely because it allows them to meet consumer demand for convenience. Note the positioning of the products: portability and “on-the-go.”