INVpack Stickpack Machines

Coffee Stickpack Packaging Form Fill Seal
Cheese yogurt stickpacks Packaging Form Fill Seal
Pharma Nutra stickpacks Packaging Form Fill Seal
Dressings Oils Sauces Stickpack Packaging Form Fill Seal

Stickpack Single Serve Packaging Solutions

Stickpacks are great for single serve packages in multiple vertical industries. The can be combined to sell individually or packaged together in a box or pouch for easy use.

Packaging liquids, gels, pasty products, granules, powders.

Machines: INVpack stickpack machines ranging from 1-20 lanes and up to 1,400 stickpacks per minute.

Films: Resistance films, sustainable recyclable. compostable films and more.

Stickpack Package Benefits

  • Simple to produce
  • Film can be utilized for advertising with full printing/branding capabilities, including date or product coding
  • Sustainable packaging film
  • Flexible, multiple options available such as; size, tear notch, hole punch

Consumer Benefits

  • Takes up little space
  • Green option, not a lot of packaging
  • Easy open options
  • Easy to store and keep fresh