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Matrix specializes in the manufacturing of vertical form fill seal packaging equipment. Providing flexible packaging machinery to industry across the nation, Matrix has years of experience providing diverse industries with unique solutions to fit exact product requirements.

Working with manufacturers in the frozen meats and poultry industries, Matrix offers rugged, well-engineered, easy-to-use packaging systems. Whether you need entry level machinery or fully automated systems, Matrix has a broad range of equipment to meet any need without sacrificing quality and durability.

We understand the growing demand of the meat and poultry industry. To accommodate the unique requirements of packaging frozen meats and poultry, we offer a plethora of machines. And, as the leader in vertical form fill seal systems, Matrix offers vertical bagging machinery that works great when packaging frozen meats and poultry. These systems are designed for maximum productivity, efficiency, and high quality standards.

The vertical form fill seal systems feature proven reliability, ease of use, low maintenance requirements, quick setup and changeovers, as well as reduced operating costs. Delivering quality machinery, each system used in the meat and poultry industry accommodates the sanitation standards required.

For versatility in the form, fill, seal process, the Mercury Intermittent High Speed bagger is ideal. This machine offers flexibility for the packaging of multiple SKU's and is designed for making bags of all sizes. Working at high speeds, this system is able to make a wide range of bag styles, including flat bottom and gusseted style for different products in the meat and poultry industry.

Features on the Mercury include servo-driven vacuum pull belts, a 12-inch multi-touch HMI with a smart menu layout, a stainless steel frame and electrical enclosure, automatic film tracking, compatibility with thermal transfer printers, a mechanical film roll brake, and servo motion control of the film pull belts and end-seal jaws for smoother and faster operation.

Another vertical form fill machine used in the meat industry is the Elete Series. The DS-13 and the DS-18 are designed for larger bags. These systems feature quick and easy changeover, high speeds, precision and high performance, and more. With a stainless steel frame, this system is durable and reliable for endless use. The cycle speed of the Elete Series reaches up to 120 bags per minute. Versatile in every way, the Elete can work on numerous bag sizes and package styles.

The MVC-400 is a great option for bagging frozen poultry. This vertical form fill seal bagger accurately forms and fills narrow to extra wide bags of frozen meat and poultry at up to 120 bags per minute on one compact platform. The ingenuity of this system is unparalleled for large bagging requirements.

We understand the unique demands of the meat industry. With quality sealing at the forefront, the Morpheus XL is precise and reliable. This system works at a high speed on multiple film types to bag meat and poultry pieces. Producing bags from two inches wide all the way up to 15 inches, this system features fast changeovers and increased productivity.

Matrix also distributes the Pacraft pre-made pouch rotary machine line. Offering the IQF market another option when if comes to packaging proteins. This series of machines offers a small footprint for producing convenient reliability for customers that want to use a pre-made pouch.