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Candy & Confection

Matrix Packaging Machinery works with customers across the nation to provide high quality vertical form fill seal (v/f/f/s) systems used in manufacturing a wide variety of products. One of the major benefits of utilizing Matrix machines is the innovation and technology included in each machine makeup.

In the confectionery industry, it is crucial to have hygienic and safe packaging processes to preserve the integrity of the candy products. To ensure that confectionery industry requirements are met with precision, Matrix now offers ultrasonic sealing solutions available on all Matrix vertical form fill seal models.

Keeping candy properly wrapped is easier than ever using the newest innovations from Matrix. Ultrasonic sealing is designed to apply extremely high speed vibrations along a seam. Unlike conventional sealing, this new technology consumes less energy while conserving operating costs. Benefits of utilizing the ultrasonic sealing system on Matrix vertical form fill seal models includes no risk of overheating the film, higher throughput, faster processing, and no dwell time required to cool the seam.

These advantages allow manufacturers in the confectionery industry to achieve maximum results without sacrificing the integrity of the candy product. Ultrasonic sealing uses vibration to heat the seam from the inside out, which forms a seal with incredible mechanical strength.

Many candy manufacturers face issues during the packaging process because of the use of conventional sealing methods. Utilizing Matrix’s ultrasonic sealing solutions, less energy is consumed. Because this sealing method uses localized heat, it is perfect for candy products.

Heat sensitive confectionery products have unique packaging requirements. Matrix understands that not all conventional sealing methods are ideal for packaging candy. That’s why the ultrasonic sealing method was created. A mechanically strong seal is designed for high speed vibrations to clear away small particles of candy product adhering to the inside of the bag near the seam.

Using a typical heated clamping jaw, it takes a couple of cycles to achieve an ideal temperature to seal candy bags. However, the ultrasonic seal is precise in sealing the first bag properly, which means that less film is consumed.

Another focus of this new technology is hygiene. Candy manufacturers benefit from vertical form fill seal machines from Matrix due to the ability of the machines to be extremely gentle and to meet hygienic standards. In the confectionary industry, it is crucial that products are handled with precision and safety to meet these hygienic standards. Many food industries require unique machines to meet these standards. Using Matrix vertical form fill seal machines with the ultrasonic seal ensures that the sealing jaws remain cool with less debris adhering to the surface of the jaws.

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