Gusseted Bag

Gusseted Bags Vertical Form Fill Seal Machinery

Gusseted bags offer funcationality as well as a professional look.

The gusseted pouch is created most often for its appearance, most bags will by their very nature stand up in a “attractive manner for display. This type of pouch style is also functional and assists when placing the pouch into another container, such as an outer box for consumer presentation (bag in box).

Packaging liquids, gels, pasty products, granules, powders and solids.

VFFS Machines: All Matrix machine models; such as Mercury, Elete, Morpheus series, Bag-in-Bag

Films: Resistance films including, paper, sustainable recyclable and compostable films and more.

Gusseted Bag Package Benefits

  • Cost effective, reliable package style
  • Simple to produce
  • Film can be utilized for advertising with full printing/branding capabilities, including date coding and labeling
  • Sustainable packaging film
  • Flexible, multiple options available such as; size, tear notch, hole punch, and gas fill options (Modified Atmosphere Packaging – MAP)
  • Easy to display on store shelves

Consumer Benefits

  • Takes up little space
  • Green option, not a lot of packaging
  • Easy open options
  • Easy to store and keep fresh