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Matrix is the leading provider of vertical form fill seal packaging equipment. Matrix is an industry expert with decades of experience, delivering rugged, well-engineered, cost-competitive, and easy-to-use packaging systems. From the start, the company has been successfully providing high quality machines for the fresh fruit, produce, and IQF industries. Meeting a broad range of needs, from entry level machinery to fully automated, computerized net weight scale packaging machinery, to working with the customer on an entire packaging system, Matrix always ensures the highest quality.

To meet the diverse needs of the fresh cut fruits and vegetables industry, Matrix offers a wide range of machinery designed to meet growing demands. From the MVC-300 (Morpheus) series to the Mercury, to the Elete vertical form fill seal machinery, as well as the Pacraft TT-8N-D pre-made pouch fill and seal machine. Matrix machines are precise, hygienic, and perfect for packaging fruits and vegetables.

The MVC-300 (Morpheus) is a servo-driven continuous box motion bagger form fill seal system designed for maximum efficiency for any level of production need. Using this machine, films do not require longer seal times, making the Morpheus series ideal for the fresh cut fruits and vegetable industry.

Matrix has developed a series of Morpheus machines that can meet the needs of your production floor. You can choose from 2 types of state-of-the-art control systems, either Allen-Bradley or Beckhoff. Both systems combine new, faster technology with; user friendly, highly intuitive, and both are bursting with possibilities for further technological advancements. You can also choose from 2 sizes; making these machines extremely versatile.

To ensure that unique fresh cut fruits and vegetable requirements are met with precision, Matrix offers the Mercury vertical form fill seal machine. As one of the most popular Matrix systems, the Mercury has low annual operating costs, boasts maximum durability, and runs at high speeds for efficient production.

Its capability to seal laminate or poly film along with a self-centering film drive down system, automatic edge guide film tracking, a short travel film unwind system, and angled incline film upwind, all contribute to precise film movement and trouble-free operation. This machine is fully compatibility with all types of fillers and its tool-free quick-change core chucks help to ensure fast changeover between jobs.

The Elete series of vertical form fill seal systems are designed for the fruit and vegetable industry. Featuring quick changeover and setup, profitable speeds, and precision unparalleled, the Matrix Elete is a high performance configurable solution for larger bags of fruits and vegetables.

With versatility and flexibility, the Elete is ideal for the fruit and vegetable industry. This system runs at speeds up to 130 bags per minute, uses Allen Bradley MicroLogix color touch screen controls, and features automatic web edge guide film tracking system, encoder, registration sensor.

Because of the unique needs of the fruit and vegetable industry, it’s crucial that the form fill seal process is precise and dependable. Keeping produce viable for the consumer requires innovative machinery, some of our customers prefer a pre-made pouch machine for packaging. The Pacraft TT-8D-N pre-made pouch fill and seal machine is designed for stand-up, flat bottom, and five-panel style bags.

The TT-8D-N is a versatile machine rated at up to 55 pouches per minute. Bagging fresh fruit and vegetables is easy and reliable with this system. Features on the TT-8D-N include innovative touch screen controls, user-friendly for quick and efficient operation and maintenance, and an easy to clean wash-down design for sanitary operation.

Matrix offers several machines and can assist you in finding the one that will best fit the requirements of your products.

Matrix Mercury bagging radishes in 1# pillow bags with a 14 head Yamato scale ensuring accuracy.