Gel Freezer Packs / Cold Chain Logistics

Gel freezer packs are versatile, available in multiple sizes.

Gel pack1

Large Poly Pillow Bag

Gel pack2

Medium Poly Pillow Bag

Gel pack3

Multiple Sized

Gel pack4

Fiber Poly Pillow Bag

Need to keep your products cold, or provide gel/freezer packs to your customers to keep their products cold...we can help.

Need to keep your fruits, vegetables, ready to cook meals, vaccines, seafood, and proteins or other IQF products temperature controlled until they get where they are going?

Utilizing gel and freezer packs are a universal way to easily maintain a consistent temperature designated by your unique product.

Whether your products are coming from the manufacturing floor or a storage facility, it is important to maintain a consistent and level temperature for many reasons. Using gel freezer packs is a cost-efficient way to maintain the integrity of your product as it is transported to the consumer.

Medical/Nutraceutical – some medicines and supplements must be transported as certain temperatures to ensure the potency of the product, since once the potency is lost, you can’t get it back. To maintain consistent temperatures, many cold chain suppliers utilized gel freezer packs.

Fruits & Vegetables – the goal of every fruit and produce supplier is to get the product in the hands of the consumer in a short amount of time ensuring the products are of the highest quality and prolonging shelf life. Utilizing the cold chain process can help reduce browning, loss of flavors and nutrients as well as slowing product ripening as it is transported. Gel freezer packs make this more efficient, cost-effective and is a cleaner process than the use of ice, dry ice, or expensive cold containers.

Ready to cook meals – get the right ingredients to your customers while maintaining freshness and viability of your products, using gel freezer packs are convenient and easy.

Seafood – the seafood market has traditionally used ice to keep seafood fresh as it travels from the sea to its final destination. The use of gel freezer packs is more convenient, and simple to place in with the fresh seafood.

Personal Use – consumers use ice packs for children’s boo-boos, relieving pain, swelling and inflammations from injuries or other conditions like arthritis. Most consumers have multiple ice packs tucked away in their freezers.

Matrix has provided multiple industries with machines that can produce a variety of sizes and shapes to complement and keep temperatures stable. One of these is our most versatile machines, the Matrix Mercury. This easy to use intermittent vertical bagger is known for its speed, dependability, quick change-over and ease of operation, making this the go-to solution for many industries. The small footprint, ability to utilize multiple film types, tool free quick-change core chucks ensuring fast changeovers between job formats all make this VFFS machine by Matrix a winner in any facility!

Our other recommendation is the Matrix Elete™ VFFS machine a high-performance, flexible packaging solution for customers that need consistent reliability when packaging products. Its rugged design provides outstandingly repeatability and it can deliver tremendous value with automatic film tracking, its stainless-steel frame and numerous customizable options. With several machine versions available, you can choose the one that makes the most sense for your packaging needs. The Elete can produce a larger bag and the larger machine offers more space to include multiple printers, or labelers,

Looking to produce a gel freezer “blanket”, multiple freezer packs to layer over your product, or smaller sachet type styles? The INVpack MVA9 or MVA12 is the perfect solution. These solutions provide multiple lanes producing high quantity and high-quality sealed welds anywhere from 4 to 15 lanes depending on the width of your sachet. These vertical machines have a small footprint offering a valuable space saving benefit.

Large poly 5# freezer pack

1# gel freezer packs at 50 bpm