TX100 SP 1: Pre-Made Pouch Center Spout Inserter

The Pacraft (formerly Toyo Jidoki) TX-100SP1 duplex spout inserting machine gives converters the flexibility to offer spouted pouches and at the same time gives end users a means to reduce pouch transportation costs. The Toyo Jidoki TT-8DN is an outstanding premade pouch filling solution that can easily integrate with the TX-100SP1 spout inserter.

Hi, I'm CJ Linton, and I work with Matrix Packaging as a field service engineer. Today, I want to show you the Toyo Jidoki CX-100SP1 machine. This machine is designed for pre-made pouches and is used to insert fitments into the pouch.

We frequently use this machine for customers who want to have the fitment inserted into the pouch and then transfer them to other facilities for filling and capping. Alternatively, we can incorporate this machine with our Toyo Jidoki 15CW10 machine for the filling and capping processes. These machines are widely used in the liquid industry and cosmetics.

A couple of standard features of the CX-100SP1 include self-centering of the pouches and triple seals for good quality seals on the fitment. We also offer optional features such as vacuum detection, vacuum leak detection, and visual camera inspection for the seal fitment.