Food & Retail Pre-Made Poucher Machines

Pacraft, based in Tokyo, Japan, manufactures automated pouch packaging machines for food, retail, and industrial applications. They specialize in retortable pouches and solutions requiring fitment dispensing systems with high quality seals and precise filling accuracy. The ProMach Flexible Packaging Group, headquartered out of the Matrix facility, markets Pacraft automated pouch packaging systems in recognition of growing customer needs for flexible packaging solutions.

These pre-made pouch packaging machines are ideal for diverse applications, including:

  • Frozen meatballs
  • Soup
  • Candy
  • IQF
  • Eggs
  • Consumer Goods
  • And more...

Find out more about the innovative flexible packaging technologies by browsing these Pacraft (formerly Toyo Jidoki) videos.

The Pacraft TT8DWN dual pre-made pouch packaging machinery works at speeds up to 120 finished bpm.

Pacraft (formerly Toyo Jidoki) 9CW pre-made pouch machine opens, fills, and seals soup pouches. These machines work safely and quickly to create a secure seal.

GKI Foods, LLC is a private-label candy and granola manufacturer located in Brighton, MI. GKI produces confections for several national companies, and its products have been sold in a variety of stores, including upscale retail stores, major pharmacy chains, bulk food outlets and re-baggers.

Watch this video showcasing the pre-made pouch center spout inserter. Learning more about the features on the TX100 SP pre-made pouch machinery allows you to maximize the features on your system.

In this video, Spencer Johnson talks about Matrix Packaging and the Pacraft pre-made pouch packaging machinery line. Discover how this top-of-the-line equipment can help you package your products and improve your bottom line. Watch this video to learn more about Spencer's experience with Matrix Packaging and why he recommends them.

The TT-8D-N is widely flexible for various pouch formats and dry/frozen products. This system can accommodate a wide range of pouch formats and product types.

The Pero zipper closer and filling test uses an under jaw zipper closer and a soft funnel for hard to fill products. This pre-made pouch packaging machine option is innovative and efficient.

The Toyo Jidoki TT8A2 is a pre-made pouch packaging solution. This machine is capable of quickly packaging powdered products in both 5# and 10# pre-made pouches.