Modified Doypack Stand Up Pouch

Get the most out of your vertical form filling and sealing machine with a replaceable jaw that produces a modified doypack stand up pouch.

The modified doypack stand up pouch is made from specialized rollstock film that is available from several film suppliers. Rollstock comes with or without a zipper or recloseable option.

Packaging liquids, gels, pasty products, granules, powders and solids.

Machines: Elete or Mercury Series models

Films: Resistance or laminate films including, paper, sustainable recyclable and compostable films and more.

Modified Doypack Stand Up Pouch Package Benefits

  • Cost effective, reliable stand up package style
  • Simple to produce
  • Film can be utilized for advertising with full printing/branding capabilities, including date or product coding and labeling
  • Flexible, multiple options available such as; size, tear notch, hole punch, and gas filling options (Modified Atmosphere Packaging – MAP)
  • Easy to display on store shelves
  • Multiple material options

Consumer Benefits

  • Takes up little space
  • Green option, not a lot of packaging
  • Easy open options
  • Easy to store and helps keep product fresh