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Matrix makes quick work of packaging dried meats.

Founded in 1988, Matrix has become an industry-leading manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions. Well known for vertical form fill seal (v/f/f/s) systems, Matrix has worked with numerous industries to meet specific product requirements that are versatile for a plethora of industry products. Working in the dried meats industry, having a quality seal is crucial for the integrity of the product. Matrix offers the Mercury high speed to precisely form, fill, and seal bags of dried meats.

Matrix is also the master distributor of partner brands, supporting a complete flexible packaging product line ranging from Pacraft pre-made pouch machines to INVpack stickpack and sachet systems. When packaging dried meats, the vertical form fill seal system is the perfect solution. This machinery lines offer reliability and flexibility to ensure a quality seal for dried meats products. Additional features on the vertical form fill seal equipment includes ease of operation, minimal maintenance, reduced operating costs, and quick setup and changeovers.

The Mercury high speed is a high speed machine with a cycle speed up to 140 bags per minute. The versatility of this bagger is unparalleled. Because of the innovations on the Mercury, you’ll notice an increase in production rate as well as additional efficiencies in the manufacturing process. The Mercury high speed is the most profitable machine for Matrix customers. Features on this system include automatic film tracking, a stainless-steel frame, a registered film sensor, off-the-shelf spare parts, and optional life washdown construction.

This machine works by creating a bottom seal for bags then processing them through the conveyor to fill the bags with the food product. Finally, they are sent through one final seal system to close the filled bags. Having a fully automated system to form, fill, and seal bags of product has been incredible for the dried meats industry. From sanitation standards to high speeds and an increase in production, the Mercury high speed helps the dried meats industry in countless ways.

The vertical form fill seal machines are specifically designed to bag a wide range of products covering a variety of applications. Adaptable for diverse products in the dried meats industry, this machine offers unmatched sanitation and safety standards, high quality packaging, proven reliability, and, of course, a tremendous value for the dollar.

Reliable bagging and packaging machinery is at the heart of Matrix Packaging. We work with our customers to provide lasting results. From a flawless seal to high speeds designed to maximize your production room capabilities, our machines are designed with you in mind.

When you need customization's made to your machines, our engineer technicians expertly assess your needs and determine exactly what we can do to create the perfect machine for your specific requirements. Each of our vertical form fill seal machines is seamless integrates with technology to allow for easy changeover, assuring you get the most out of your machine.

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