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As an industry leader in vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) bagging systems, Matrix offers a wide variety of solutions of the highest quality machines for the frozen products industry. When producing a final retail bag of frozen fruit, vegetables, or protein, it’s crucial to have a highly intuitive form-fill-seal machine to produce tight seals in order to preserve the integrity of the product. Matrix systems are designed for durability and reliability and can be customized to meet your demanding production needs.

Matrix prides itself on offering all its customers quality systems able to withstand problematic conditions and still perform with the fastest and most reliable speeds in the industry. The machines available for use in the frozen industry feature quick setup and changeovers, ease of operation, minimal maintenance, proven reliability, and reduced operating cost. Each of the vertical form-fill-seal systems can be designed to meet the specific requirements of the frozen industry, such as sanitation standards, difficult environments, UltraSonic integrations, and produce moisture proof seals on all harder to seal films commonly used within the frozen field.

At the heart of the Matrix offerings for the frozen industry is our Elete or MVC-300 (Morpheus Series), and Mercury machines all of which can be built with wash-down construction featuring a stainless steel welded frame for more hygienic needs, including ease of cleaning to ensure that frozen products remain healthy and clean throughout the bagging process. These machines have a high torque servo or stepper electric “Smart Jaw ST” sealing system which enables the jaws to move at faster speeds, adjustable position color touch screen, automatic web edge guide film tracking system, and much more. Working at speeds up to 200 cycles per minute, these machine offer the option to a wide variety of products in diverse conditions.

For faster technology and the state-of-the-art Beckhoff control system, Matrix now offers the MVC-300 (Morpheus) vertical form-fill-seal system. This machine is ideal for frozen products and IQF, individually quick frozen products. The Morpheus features technologically advanced controls, increased speed with films that require longer seal times as in Ultra Sonic conditions, gentle product handling, automatic film tracking, high performance vacuum film pull belts, and recipe based AutoPro™ with Beckhoff Servo Adjustment System for size change, and more.

As an exclusive distributor of Pacraft products, Matrix offers a variety of pre-made pouch packaging machines ideal for the frozen industry. Designed for frozen vegetables and fruits, these machines are pre-made pouches with versatility in bag styles and size ranges. Additional features of Pacraft products include ease of use, an intermittent cam drive, motor driven volumetric controls, durability, and high speeds.

The Pacraft pre-made pouch filler and sealer TT-8D-N is a flexible system ideal for frozen fruits, frozen produce, and other frozen foods. Cognizant of the need to keep products frozen, the TT-8D-N has one heat-seal and one cooling station to preserve the integrity of the products. Flexible for various pouch formats, the TT-8D-N offers a variety of accessories, including a product feeding hopper, pouch opening follow-up guide, product discharge conveyor, pouch opening detection device, and heater disconnection alarm. Features and benefits of this machine include an easy washdown design, simple operation using touch screen controls, and option features.

Frozen products have unique requirements for sanitation standards, temperature settings, etc. and Matrix Packaging strives to understand your company’s individual needs within the industry. With both our VFFS and pre-made pouch machines, Matrix can find the right solution for your distinctive packaging application.

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