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Snacking is here to do you want to package your products?

The snack industry has transformed the way people eat. From grab and go snacks prepared for consumers to quickly eat on the go to portable snacks that are packaged to help meet nutritional values without going over, Americans have food readily available for quick and easy consumption.

According to Forbes, snacking isn’t just a moment of indulgence, it’s for both enjoyment and nutrition. Millennials are transforming the world of snacking. Removing the negative stigma attached to constant snacking, consumers are now mindfully snacking for health purposes.

Millennial parents are now looking for meal replacements that are don’t require a lot of preparation and don’t require any clean up. Snack choices in high demand are high-protein snacks, ranging from meats to granola and nuts. Fruit, veggies, and bars are replacing snacks with higher fat and sugar content, and on-the-go options are the snack of choice for millennial parents.

But that’s not the only demographic driving this change in snacks. Singles are increasingly outnumbering married, affecting endless aspects of society, including snacking styles. According to a Google report, searches for bite-sized snacks are increasing constantly. Single consumers want customized snacks that take nutrition into consideration.

The snack industry has transformed so much so that it is now replacing mealtimes. Specific snack choices are being made based on single-serve packaging as opposed to meals that are meant for two or more. Health and convenience are easily the top two considerations when consumers make snack choices.

Looking at these trends in the snacking industry, Matrix offers a wide range of products that meet these growing demands. Pre-made pouch, pillow bags, flat bottom or gusseted, stickpacks, and flat sachets comprise some of the most bought snack packaging options.

The multilane stickpack machine, SP Series, forms, fills, and seals three side seal stickpacks. The stickpack laser coding, printing, and scoring system creates a perfect stickpack opening experience. And while the packaging might not have affected consumer choice one decade ago, the demand for an easy snacking experience is at an all-time high.

Other machines used in the snacking industry include the VFFS Multilane Flat Sachets and Morpheus. The MVA9 is a new VFFS Multilane Flat Sachets system for packaging granulates, liquids, powders, solids, and other snack products.

Matrix verticals can quickly package your products in the bag style of your choice. Talk to one of our experienced sales managers to determine which machine makes the most sense for your application.

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