VFFS Packaging Technology & Innovation Solutions

Matrix has been producing innovative form fill seal equipment for over two decades. With experience in the end-of-line packaging industry, the company has established itself as a leader in incorporating technology into each system. The AutoPro automatic changeover system and SmartGate product concentrator are some examples of the innovations available from Matrix Packaging Machinery.

The technology and innovation solutions feature:

  • High speed
  • Precision
  • Efficiency

For any inquiries and to see how the technology innovation solutions are integrated into Matrix machines, browse these videos.

Steve McConnell talks about the Matrix Bag-in-Bag, kit's features, benefits and why it might be the perfect fit for your product.

Join Chris Higgins as he discusses the benefits of the Matrix Mercury intermittent flexible packaging machine. Chris shows the versatility of this machine as it produces pillow bags

Watch a change-over completed in less than 5 minutes from 6” resistance film pillow bags to producing 11” craft paper pillow bags.

Watch a change-over completed in less than 5 minutes, changing from producing a 6” pillow bag to a 4” pillow bag is simple and seamless on the Matrix Mercury.

Change from pillow bags to a modified doy and back with the simple switch of your jaw system.

Watch this video to see one solution Matrix can provide. A fully functioning packaging line in a small footprint.

In this video, Matrix sales team member, Richard Carlton shares his thoughts about Matrix Packaging equipment, the company, and how he and Matrix partner with customers to find their best fit.

Join Jason Beard as he shares his thoughts about Matrix Packaging and why it's not only a great place to work, but a great place to do business with. With a strong company culture and commitment to customer satisfaction, Matrix Packaging is the go-to supplier for packaging equipment in various industries. Watch this video to learn more about Jason's experience with Matrix Packaging and why he recommends them to anyone looking for a trusted supplier.

In this video, Spencer Johnson, an expert in packaging technology, discusses how INVpack, distributed by Matrix packaging can help provide customers with the perfect stickpack or sachet machines to suit their needs. He highlights the many benefits of this technology and how it can improve overall packaging efficiency.

SmartGate™ product concentrator can improve the throughput of narrow bags and generate greater profitability per run.

The Matrix Material Handling Film Lift works to make changing film quicker, easier and safer! Light weight, this system reduced back strain and creates efficiency.