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Our pets are a part of the family, so why not feed them like it? That thought is common among pet owners and so they take care to look for packaging that keeps food fresh and free from contamination, while also being easy to open, reseal, and store. Additionally, the rise in eco-conscious consumers has driven the demand for sustainable packaging solutions, pushing manufacturers to adopt recyclable and biodegradable materials. High-quality barrier materials are used to protect against moisture, oxygen, and other environmental factors that can compromise the product. Innovations in packaging, such as vacuum sealing and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), help maintain freshness and extend shelf life.

For supplements and nutraceuticals, packaging must ensure product stability and compliance with stringent regulatory standards. These products often contain sensitive ingredients that require protection from light, heat, and humidity. Moreover, tamper-evident and child-resistant features are critical to ensure consumer safety. The packaging also serves as a key communication tool, providing consumers with detailed information on dosage, ingredients, and health benefits. As the demand for health and wellness products continues to rise, innovative and sustainable packaging solutions will be essential in meeting consumer expectations and regulatory requirements.

Since its establishment in 1988, Matrix has earned its stellar reputation across diverse industries for its commitment to delivering robust and finely engineered packaging systems. From vertical form fill seal, pre-made pouch, stickpacks and sachet systems to its cutting-edge research and development in the packaging industry, Matrix offers a comprehensive range of packaging solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of various sectors. Moreover, Matrix provides extensive support for a complete flexible packaging product line, including renowned brands such as Pacraft (formerly Toyo Jidoki) for automated pre-made pouch systems, and INVpack stickpack and sachet systems.

The Matrix team works to make sure it can provide a collaborative and consultative relationship with each of its customers. Working together to find the best solution for its customers packaging applications, Matrix provides options for initial as well as long term solutions. After the sale the Matrix team will continue to provide support in terms of training, service, parts, and parts and preventative maintenance programs that can help your systems run with high efficiency for years into the future.

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Matrix as part of the ProMach Pet Care Vertical Market Team, Matrix has specifically focused on several machines that make sense for the pet care industry. Pacraft's (formerly Toyo Jidoki) TT-8D-N pre-made pouch filler and sealer stands out as one of these best-in-class machines. This particular machine is equipped with 8 stations including one heat seal and one cooling station, ensuring swift and efficient sealing processes.

Maintaining the freshness and hygiene of pet foods is paramount, and the TT-8D-N system delivers on this front with its ability to accommodate a wide array of pouch formats and product types. Whether it's stand-up, flat, or press-to-close pouch styles, this system offers flexibility without compromising on quality.

Safety and sanitation are non-negotiable in pet care packaging, and the pre-made pouch filler and sealer is engineered with this in mind. Featuring an easy-to-clean, wash-down design and an optional zipper opening, it ensures optimal hygiene standards. Additionally, a range of accessories further enhances its functionality, including a product discharge conveyor, product feeding hopper, product counter, pouch opening follow-up guide, pouch opening detection device, and heater disconnection alarm.

The TT-8D-N system not only streamlines packaging processes but also ensures precision and efficiency, making it the preferred choice for discerning pet care manufacturers. One such company, after thorough evaluation, opted for the Pacraft pre-formed pouch fill and seal system, specifically the Model TT-8A2, from Matrix Packaging Machinery. They have expressed utmost satisfaction with its performance, particularly its seamless packaging of 5# and 10# pouches.

In addition to Pacraft systems, Matrix offers a complete line of vertical form, fill, and seal (VFFS) machines completely manufactured in the USA. Choose from intermittent or continuous motion, standard or premier for higher sanitations. These VFFS machines can produce traditional pillow, flat bottom, or gusseted bags. These machines provide reliability and versatility in bag sizes, catering to diverse packaging needs.

Are you packaging a single-serve stickpack or sachet style product? Matrix is also the master distributor for INVpack. INVpack offers a variety of custom machines solutions. INVpack has more than 600 machine installations around the world with field experience beginning in 1995 as the first form/fill/seal company specializing on the innovative stickpack format. Technologies continually evolve to follow the most rigorous security and hygienic rules, including Ultra Clean format.

Whether you prefer the look and feel a pillow bag, a pre-made pouch, stickpack or sachet, or require additional features like a tear notch, hole punch, or zipper, Matrix has the experience and solution to move you forward.

Matrix and Pacraft can package treats and supplements.