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Since 1988, Matrix has built a reputation among countless industries for delivering well engineered and rugged packaging systems. From vertical form fill seal systems to research and development machines, Matrix offers a variety of packaging solution. In addition, Matrix supports a complete flexible packaging product line, including Pacraft (formerly Toyo Jidoki) automated pouch systems, and INVpack stickpack and sachet systems.

Pacraft's (formerly Toyo Jidoki) TT-8D-N pre-made pouch filler and sealer is specifically designed for use in the pet care industry. This machine offers one heat seal and one cooling station for a quick and effective sealing method.

When handling pet foods, it is crucial to have a high quality seal to preserve the freshness and hygiene of the products. The TT-8D-N system is flexible for a wide range of pouch formats and product types, ranging from stand-up to flat as well as press-to-close pouch styles.

To uphold the integrity of pet treat products, the pre-made pouch filler and sealer is designed for safe and sanitary operation. It features an easy cleaning, wash down design and an optional zipper opening. Accessories on the TT-8D-N include a product discharge conveyor, product feeding hopper, product counter, pouch opening follow-up guide, pouch opening detection device, and heater disconnection alarm.

With endless benefits and accessories, pet treat products are safely and efficiently packaged with precision. One pet food manufacturer chose the vertical pre-formed pouch fill and seal system from Pacraft, sold and supported by Matrix Packaging Machinery, after careful consideration and evaluations. The company states that they are extremely satisfied with their Pacraft pre-formed pouch fill and seal system, the Model TT-8A2, that allows them to package 5# and 10# pouches with ease.

Matrix also offers the Mercury and the Elete machines that can produce a traditional pillow, flat bottom, or gusseted bag. Offering reliability and versatility of bag sizes. What a pre-made pouch look and feel, or need more options like a zipper?

Depending on your application, Matrix can recommend the best fit. We work with customers to achieve complete satisfaction, whether with an existing Matrix vertical form fill seal system or by creating a unique solution to a pet food product requirement. When packaging pet food, treats and other pet products, it is important that each requirement is met with accuracy.

Matrix and Pacraft can package treats and supplements.