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Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical packaging with machines from Matrix.

Matrix Packaging Machinery is a proven leader in the vertical form fill seal market. We deliver rugged, easy to use packaging machinery to the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical industry segments, all while offering customers multiple options to best fit their packaging solution needs.

The versatile nature of Matrix’s vertical form fill seal machines allows for the consistent packaging of many different types of products in differing bag styles. Matrix partners with their customers to talk through options and what configurations are required to determine the best machine for each customers application. Understanding your filling or conveying system and how it relates to your packaging machine, is also an important part of the conversation.

Some of the machines Matrix offers in Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical include:

The Matrix Morpheus is one of our most reliable, consistent packaging machines with the capability to fill products in a pillow, gusseted, or flat bottom bag. The Morpheus offers, speed and performance in an easy to use automated packaging machine. Available in two sizes and washdown options. This vertical bagger also offers self-centering film drive down system automatic edge guide film tracking, as short travel film unwind system and angled incline film upwind, AutoPro for easy changeovers. All which lead to precise film movements and trouble-free operation.

INVpack is a leading provider of stickpack and sachet system for flexible packaging applications. As the first form fill seal company to specialize in stickpack format, the experience and knowledge that INVpack adds is unparalleled. Matrix is glad to partner with INVpack to provide customers with leading technology that continually evolves to follow the most rigorous security and hygienic rules, including Ultra Clean Format.

INVpack offers several machines specifically for the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical. The PH Series features a closed main frame and is driven by servo motors engines. The reel is enclosed inside the cabinet to dust from entry. The machines are manufactured according to the most demanding rules in order to comply with the most strict norms and rules.

The INVpack machines for the pharma sector comply with GMP regulations and are designed and built under the strictest manufacturing standards. INVpack can supply the DQ, IQ and OQ documentation, as well as the functional analysis of the machine or other type of documentation that the customer may need. In addition, our service technicians can assist the customer during the execution of the IQ and OQ.

The INVpack PH6/9 is an Ultra Clean stickpack system for processed cheese and yogurt. This UHT (Ultra Pasteurized) machine features up to 15 lanes and produces a 3 sided seal stick pack. Machine have stainless steel construction, CIP and SIP dosing systems, forming collars, hopper, filling process and laminar flow provide the best stickpack packaging option for your next dairy project.

Matrix is also the master distributor of the Pacraft line of pre-made pouch machines. So, if you are looking to package products in a pre-made pouch the Pacraft line is one to review. These machines are rotary in nature, offering a small footprint. The easy cleaning wash-down designs offer intuitive operation, touch screen controls and can fill and seal a variety of products.

Depending on applications and production needs, Matrix can provide the best solution ensuring successful product packaging.

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