INV Pack Multilane Stickpack Machine

The INVpack BY300 multi-lane stickpack machine is designed for small and medium production runs suitable for dosing powders, granulates, solids, liquids and pasty products, depending on additional accessories. It can also be used as pharmaceutical equipment. The BY3 EVO can also be specified with inkjet or thermal printing and embossed coding for variable data.

Hi, my name is Troy Schneider. I'm with the Pro Mach Flexible Packaging Group. We're here with the Inever BY300 entry-level stick pack machine. The Inever machine is a servo-driven jaw entry-level machine that we're exhibiting today. It's a new development for small co-packers and complements the Flexible Packaging Group's line very well for the co-packing industry.

Here, you see the Inever servo-driven jaw. The key to having a servo-driven jaw is that you can have variable dwell time as well as faster returns, giving you a better chance of making a good seal and also gaining higher speeds by speeding up the return of the jaw cycle.

Here, we're seeing the ease of sanitation of the forming tubes on the Inever BY300 machine. The forming collar simply lifts out for easy removal and lifts back in for easy replacement. This is a unique feature on the Inever stick pack machine for easy cleaning.

One of the key features of the Inever stick pack machine for dusty products is the aspiration nozzles located right at the forming tube. It allows you to have clean seals.

So, we've gone through the Inever BY300 machine. The Inever stick pack and sachet packaging machines are a great complement to the Pro Mach Flexible Packaging Group due to their innovative designs, ease of sanitation, and servo-driven jaw frame. Thank you for joining me, and we look forward to helping you with any stick pack or sachet applications. We'd love to talk to you about it. Thank you.