SP800 Three-Sided Stickpack Machine

The INV Pack SP800 is built for medium to high output environments. This three-sided stickpack machine is capable of producing sticks from 13 mm wide and 20 lanes to 45 mm wide and 8 lanes. Depending on additional accessories the SP800 is suitable for dosing liquids, powders, granules, solids, and pasty products for the cosmetics and food sectors. Optional equipment includes: Laser, ink jet, hot foil, and TTO printing; pre-notching by laser for integrated easy opening; and transfer equipment to cartoning machines.

Oh hi, my name is Troy Snyder, Senior Vice President of Promax Flexible Packaging Group. We have a couple of new machines this year that I'd like to show you. We've doubled in size since the last time I did this two years ago and added three new product lines.

One of our new machines is a 10-lane stick pack machine incorporating change parts for 23mm width stick packs. This is a very high-tech machine where all the code dating and tear knifing is done by a laser. It eliminates the need for inks or tape for printing, and it also eliminates the need for tear notch knives for opening the stick packs. Inever has always been known for being a leading-edge technology stick pack provider, and this is another example of a new feature that has been adapted for stick packs.

Some of the other things that Inever can do are ultra-clean machines for the dairy industry, and they also handle yogurts, particulates with auger fillers, or cup fillers. They also have clean-in-place capabilities for liquids.

If you look at the left side of the screen, you can see the laser acting as the code dater as well as the tear knife. This allows the operator or the manufacturer not to use any inks or any thermal tape. It also gives the consumer a legible print without any degradation because of the inks or the ribbon tape for conventional printers. Again, this is something unique to Inever and is being shown at Pack Expo 2014.

What we're seeing here is a side view of the jaw frame of the Inever stick pack machine. Notice how clean it is; there's a minimal amount of cables and no-tool removal of aspiration tubes. You can also see at the top of the machine where aspiration is being done. Aspiration is an important feature of stick pack machines to ensure there is no dust in the seal.