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Matrix, an industry leader in manufacturing vertical form fill seal packaging machinery, offers a wide range of flexible packaging machines designed to meet the growing demands of the bakery industry.

Manufacturing machines to ensure that bakery products are quickly and effectively packaged and sealed with safety and hygienic standards in mind, Matrix offers:

  • pre-made pouch fillers and sealers
  • vertical form fill seal baggers

Each of these systems is designed for high productivity, easy operation, automated systems, flexibility in products, and much more. Applications within the bakery industry with Matrix machinery include : sugar, nuts, baking mixes, frosting, pie fillings, cookies, pretzels, streusel toppings, granola, oats, grains and other baking supplies.

To keep these food products safe during the manufacturing process, Matrix offers the Matrix MVC-300 (Morpheus) Series, and the Pacraft Pre-Made Pouch Filler/Sealer TT-8D-N,

The Matrix MVC-300 (Morpheus) is a servo-driven continuous box-motion bagger. This vertical form fill seal system features your choice of either a Beckhoff or AB/Rockwell control systems. Both are designed to ensure faster technology, ease of use, and reliability. Having a vertical form fill seal machine in the bakery industry allows the packaging of baking products, like nuts, to run smoothly and efficiently.

The Matrix continuous motion series offers three main options, MVC-300 with up to a 12-inch bag width, and either Beckhoff or AB, (Rockwell) controls, or the larger version the MVC-400, which is a larger machine with up to a 15-inch bag width.

All MVC models feature increased speed with a high-speed jaw system that allows for maximum dwell time on sealing. Series also offers AutoPro, which allows you to store “recipes”. When switch from one size bag to another, you can recall the “recipe”. AutoPro will then automatically realign each critical mechanical adjustment, returning it to the same position from the last time that job was saved, resulting in a quick and easy change-over from one film and bag size to another. Available in either standard or Premier--which offers a more hygienic approach to packaging!

When handling bakery products requiring a pre-made pouch filler and sealer, the Pacraft TT-8D-N is the perfect solution. This system is widely flexible for various pouch formats and dry or frozen products. Designed for applications in the bakery industry, on products like sugar and other granular and powder products, this system is flexible for various pouch formats. Versatile to accommodate a wide range of product types, this pre-made pouch filler and sealer works on flat, stand-up, and press-to-close pouch styles.

Features on Pacraft TT-8D-N include a safe and sanitary operation design, an easy cleaning washdown design, and an intuitive operation system using touch screen controls, as well as accessories including a product feeding hopper, product discharge conveyor, pouch opening follow-up guide, and pouch opening detection device.

Contact Matrix today, to determine the best machine to fit your product application.

The Matrix Morpheus continuous motion bagger packages 240 g/8.5 oz of powdery corn muffin mix in a gusseted pillow bag with peel-able film @ 80 bpm.