Matrix "How to" Series

Jesse Swisher, a skilled Matrix Service Technician, provides tutorials on optimizing the MVC-300 (Morpheus) vertical form fill seal bagger. In this series he covers:

  • Adjusting product timing: Fine-tuning the film pull setting in 10-millisecond intervals to ensure proper product placement and prevent premature drops or sealing issues.
  • Setting up film pull belts: Steps to adjust the belts, including disabling the vacuum and setting the correct gap between the pull belt and forming tube for smooth film movement.
  • Perfecting back seal pressure: Adjusting the vertical seal bar's pressure to ensure consistent, leak-free seals for reliable packaging.
  • Optimizing film tension: Positioning weights, springs, and stopper screws to maintain smooth and accurate film movement, resolving common film tracking issues.
  • Balancing pull belt tension: Adjusting tension using black knobs to maximize efficiency without excessive friction, enhancing reliability.
  • Aligning the back seal: Ensuring parallel alignment of the back seal bar to the film, troubleshooting common back seal issues for improved quality.
  • Addressing common issues: Maintaining optimal tension on film pull belts and aligning the back seal to streamline packaging processes and enhance productivity.

Through his clear explanations, practical demonstrations, and expert tips, Jesse helps customers to optimize their MVC-300 machines to work their best.

In this episode, Jesse shows viewers how to fine-tune the product timing on your machine. He explains his method for, and how to adjust the film pull setting to optimize product placement.

In this episode, Jesse shares expertise on how to set up the film pull belts, guiding viewers through disabling the vacuum and precisely adjusting the belts' position. Jesse demonstrates achieving the ideal gap between the pull belt and forming tube to ensure smooth film pulling without friction, thereby preventing packaging issues.

In this episode, Jesse explains how to perfect back seal pressure on your machine. Jesse guides viewers through adjusting the vertical seal bar's pressure to achieve flawless seals in packaging operations. By emphasizing careful monitoring and accuracy in pressure settings, Jesse demonstrates how operators can ensure consistent seal quality, avoiding common issues like leaks or weak seals.

In this episode, Jesse talks about setting film tension. Jesse shares his method for optimizing film tension on packaging machines, beginning with maximizing tension through strategic placement of weights and springs at their outermost limits. He emphasizes the importance of providing sufficient back pull to maintain straight film and adjusting stopper screws to accommodate the dancer bar's movement.

In this episode, Jesse shows how to optimize pull belt tension on packaging machines. Jesse underscores the significance of balancing tension across belts and illustrates how to adjust it using the black knobs to achieve optimal tension without inducing excessive friction.

In this episode, Jesse shows the process for aligning the back seal of your machine for optimal performance. Demonstrating how to adjust the left and right positions of the back seal bar, ensuring parallel alignment to the film. By carefully monitoring the movement of the seal band and making incremental adjustments, Jesse ensures that the back seal is positioned just right for reliable sealing.

In this episode, Jesse addresses key operational issues and provides effective solutions for smooth performance. Jesse emphasizes the critical role of maintaining optimal tension on film pull belts to prevent slack and misalignment, which can lead to inefficiencies and product wastage.