Matrix's Aftermarket you need parts?

Chris Scalone, Matrix Aftermarket Parts Manager shares some parts and aftermarket tools that work for some of our customers. Learn about our Matrix offerings and if one of them could help you save money. Contact the Matrix parts department to learn more about the parts and services available through Matrix.

Chris Colon, Aftermarket Parts Manager at Matrix Packaging, presents ways to save time and money when ordering parts, retrofits, and upgrades for Matrix baggers. With over 17 years at Matrix, Chris leverages his extensive experience to ensure machines are up to date and running efficiently.

Matrix's aftermarket parts team offers expert assistance, not just parts ordering. They have a dedicated shipping department and a machine shop, reducing lead times by stocking and manufacturing many necessary parts.

How to Order Parts:

  1. Call Us: Directly call and select option 2 for parts or use direct lines.
  2. Email Us: Multiple email options are available.
  3. Website: Contact through the Matrix website.

Helpful Tips for Ordering Parts:

  • Know the machine's serial number, especially for customers with multiple machines.
  • Provide the make or model, serial number, company name, and your name.

Cheat Sheet for Common Parts:

  • Basic spare parts list includes consumables like knives, belts, and deflator pads.
  • For an extensive list, Chris can create a critical spare parts list.

Critical Spare Parts List:

  • Level 1: Detailed spare parts specific to your machine.
  • Level 2: Essential parts to prevent machine downtime.
  • Level 3: Electronics like touch screens, PLCs, stepper motors for older machines.

Horizontal Rebuild Items:

  • A list of bushings and other parts needing periodic replacement.

Visual Critical Spare Parts List:

  • A picture-based list to help operators identify needed parts easily.

Maintenance Schedule:

  • Daily, weekly, and useful life schedules for part checks and replacements.

Save Money with Kits:

  • Ordering parts in kits instead of individually can save significant money and reduce downtime.

Retrofits and Machine Upgrades:

  • New retrofits include the Doy-style stand-up pouch, which features gussets and can include a zipper. This opens new packaging options for customers.
  • The lift cart for film transport fits all machines, lifts up to 800 pounds, and is cost-effective.

Chris concludes with a Q&A session, inviting attendees to ask questions and learn more about the parts and services offered. For more information, visit Matrix Packaging's website at