Matrix VFFS, INVpack Stickpacks & Sachets, and Pre-Made Pouch Systems

Matrix has been working hard since 1988 to provide industries world wide with vertical form fill seal machines, made right here in the USA. The company also provides rotary pre-made pouch bagging equipment and stickpack and sachet form fill seal machines. In addition to high quality machinery, Matrix prides itself on helping companies in the manufacturing process. Browse these videos and find out more about how Matrix machinery is used in a wide range of industries.

Matrix is dedicated to helping customers each step of the way, including:

  • Choosing the right packaging machine for your application
  • Installation
  • Set up & Working the Innovative Machine

Find out more about Matrix machinery by browsing through the following videos.

Matrix a manufacturer of vertical form, fill and seal machines, has your flexible packaging solution! Working with a wide range of industries, our vertical form fill seal systems are flexible reliable.

Matrix Packaging supports young people in its local community by sharing what manufacturing is and where it might fit in their careers.

In this video, Matrix sales team member, Richard Carlton shares his thoughts about Matrix Packaging equipment, the company, and how he and Matrix partner with customers to find their best fit.

Join Jason Beard as he shares his thoughts about Matrix Packaging and why it's not only a great place to work, but a great place to do business with. With a strong company culture and commitment to customer satisfaction, Matrix Packaging is the go-to supplier for packaging equipment in various industries. Watch this video to learn more about Jason's experience with Matrix Packaging and why he recommends them to anyone looking for a trusted supplier.

In this video, Spencer Johnson talks about Matrix Packaging and the Pacraft pre-made pouch packaging machinery line. Discover how this top-of-the-line equipment can help you package your products and improve your bottom line. Watch this video to learn more about Spencer's experience with Matrix Packaging and why he recommends them.

The Flexible Packaging Group of ProMach showcase their latest technologies. Matrix is part of the Flexible Packaging Group from ProMach. Matrimx offers vertical form fill seal machines, stickpack and sachet packaging, and pre-made pouch packaging machinery.

Matrix offers a full range of flexible packaging solutions. From vertical form fill seal machines to pre-made pouch packaging systems and stickpack and sachet packaging machinery, find the solution for your packaging needs.

Matrix designs and manufactures form fill seal machines and rotary bagging equipment. These systems are designed to accommodate a wide range of production requirements.

Watch as Matrix Packaging and Marjon Foods collaborate to package a variety of fruits, vegetables, and stir fry starters. This video highlights the benefits of using Matrix Equipment to package fresh produce people love to eat!