ProMach Pet care solutions unveiled at the 2024 Petfood Forum

At Petfood Forum 2024, ProMach’s unveiling of their Pet Care Solutions Group redefined the pet care industry! Featuring a broad product portfolio with a team of 14 specialized brands, Our Pet Care Solutions deliver unmatched expertise and tailored solutions unique to the situation. Our integrated approach offers a single point of contact, making project management smooth and efficient. Join us to see how we prioritize customer needs and ensure success with our innovative solutions. Explore the ProMach advantage in pet care manufacturing!

Video Transcription:

We’re here at petfood forum and we’re using this as the launching pad for ProMach pet care solutions. ProMach has the widest offering of products in the pet care industry. The pet care team is about 14 brands that can really bring forward application knowledge, industry knowledge, experience based around our customers’ needs. Who buy pet care solutions.

What we have here is the best of the best. And the brands and the businesses that are really focused on serving this market that they’re coming together and locking arms to ensure that were serving the customers how they want to be served and further need it.

Were really looking after the best interests of the customers in finding that one type of equipment, that one type of solution that would bring value to what they’re looking for.

We’ve got one point of contact you can actually engage with, and you don’t have to go out to 15 different oems to try to gather information. Being the experts, we are we know what type of equipment fits where a lot of times so we can be a resource for that. And we can pull it all together into one offering and have one project team that manages it from start to finish.

Using a company like ProMach solutions Zarpack or anyone pulling together all the equipment together, you have a better chance of success by making sure all those I’s are dotted, those t’s are crossed. There are 52 companies under the umbrella, 9 of us are here right now as part of the pet care solutions group and were designed to integrate with each other. Still gonna approach it the same way we’re gonna work around our customers to engineer the best solution based around their product.

ProMach pet care solutions its industry expertise, its application knowledge, the widest portfolio for pet care manufacturing. We have it all.