Matrix Company Overview

Matrix, a leader in vertical form fill seal packaging equipment, offers rugged, well-engineered, cost-competitive, and easy-to-use systems backed by our world-class service and parts team. Committed to creating profitable packaging solutions for our customers, Matrix benefits from the extensive expertise of being a ProMach brand.

Matrix provides customers with comprehensive knowledge and facilitates the integration of packaging and processing solutions across various industries, including food, beverage, consumer goods, and pharmaceuticals.

Video Transcription

Matrix manufactures vertical form fill seal machines, and they manufactured right here in Grafton Wisconsin. All the parts are made in the United States, so it’s a completely made in the USA vertical form fill seal machine. Some of the industries that matrix serves include, food, IQF products, liquid and viscous products, Petcare, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals. We also are the master distributor for INV Pack with the stick pack and sachet machines, as well as Pac craft which manufactures the rotary premade pouches.

Our process in product management is really to make sure we deliver exactly what the customer is looking to receive. So, making sure that everything was perfect on the sales order and goes smoothly through our manufacturing process and gets installed and up and running without any problems.

What I think Matrix does better than our competition, is the way that we support the machines. There are so many of our machines out in the field, and where whenever there’s a problem, we will move mountains to keep the customer running.

Matrix should be our customer’s first call because we support them. We’ll consult with them prior to the sale, during the sales process, on project management, on engineering, into manufacturing, and ultimately past point of shipment. We are very proud of what we fabricate, we are very proud of what we offer we are willing to go to great lengths to support it personally, if that means that our feet are on site, then that’s what we do.

A lot of times the work that needs to get done isn’t defined as to whose job it is to do, but rarely is someone waiting for someone to come and do everything. They kind of just jump in and all the different departments come and team together to get the job done.

What’s nice about here is that we take a very creative approach to how can we make this machine as best as possible without breaking the bank. This machine not only does it allow me to remote connect to help troubleshoot immediate problems, we also recently got it so it sends all machine parameters and data every second, and I can log every single, like every bag that’s made, I can tell you how many alarms they’ve had. Basically, anything that machines done in a day I can know when it happened down to the millisecond. So that is a very unique, very modern approach to software development and that is what were doing here at Matrix.

The culture here at Matrix is very belonging oriented. Everybody knows their kids their grandkids. There’s a lot of work to do but we have an investment in and relationships with everybody.

Matrix is a product brand of ProMach, and ProMach is comprised of more than 50 companies, or what we like to call them, brands. These brands span the gambit from processing primary all the way to robotics and end of line.

So, it’s a one stop shop, you can come to ProMach, and you can purchase pretty much everything that you’d need to be successful. One check, one company.

Matrix should really be the first call, because we really are a made in the USA company. We get everything brought in, built, and shipped, right here in the US.

We are very receptive. We listen to what they need. We have an R&D department that really looks at how best to make our machines to do something new that they may need.

If you’re looking for a flexible partner whose there to provide you what you need, service, support, make your operators life easy. The Matrix bag is the way to go.

When a customer decides to invest in packaging equipment, were the right place to advise, to consult, show how it’s supposed to be done, what equipment is the best for their need. We don’t just sell an item. We sell a solution.