Matrix Packaging Supports Students on their Way to Success!

Matrix Packaging supports the community its in by offering apprenticeships and intern opportunities for students to learn about manufacturing. During this program, they are exposed to various areas on the manufacturing floor and internal departments. Our hope is to help them understand what manufacturing is, how it contributes to the big picture, and where their passions might be. Everyone at Matrix looks forward to teaching and mentor new students and showing them what we do. By, sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm for our careers, we can help young people find theirs!

What I've enjoyed most about working here at Matrix is how closely everything is involved. You get to see the machines being built, which is really important to me, so you can see what you're actually helping out with.

My role in training Sam is to be a daily liaison to the engineering group. I will train him on our processes, general CAD practices, tolerances, detailing, ordinate dimensioning—you name it. It's my job to make sure that he gets somewhat of a crash course in what we do on a daily basis.

Sam is a very bright young man. I knew this even during his interview. It was clear to me that he was going to be a strong candidate from the get-go, and thus far, he's proven to be exactly that. Getting that background in machining and then moving on to engineering, getting that real-world experience, is hundreds of times more helpful than just learning in a classroom. Being in an actual engineer's workplace and working in an actual shop allows me to take all that and say, "Okay, this is what I need to do as I get into college."

I'd say the most important part of offering these internships is that you get real-world experience. A classroom is never the best place for learning; it's hands-on, getting that actual experience instead of just the theoretical. That's why I think this is so valuable. The fact that he sees it on a daily basis—this is what we do. We're not putting on a show for you. We're bringing you into this mix to see if you like it. Because if he comes in and says, "Ah, you know what, this really isn't for me," okay, better you know at 17 than figure it out at 40.

Matrix has a very vested interest in serving our community. Being in a small community, we have access to these young individuals through programs like this. It's just as much an outreach for us as it is a feeder for our own personal and future professional endeavors as well. Just having the opportunity to see that close working environment and get to test out all the waters is the most important part