Matrix and Marjon Specialty Foods, Working Together to Package Fruits & Vegetables!

Welcome to Matrix & Marjon Specialty Foods, where together, we deliver top-quality fresh produce to schools, food services, and retail outlets comes to life. Learn how Marjon, established in 1972,s in Plant City, Florida, form the foundation of a full-service produce operation, offering an extensive range of fruits and vegetables.

In this immersive video, explore the heart of Marjon and see their processing facility. Discover how they meticulously manage customers' inventory, handling orders pouring in from 5 AM to noon. By 9 o'clock the same night, their devoted team is hard at work, ensuring each product is freshly cut and prepared for dispatch. Their unwavering commitment? Ensuring that children have access to the nutritious produce they deserve.

Small snack packs make their way to schools and various outlets across Florida and Alabama, ensuring freshness at every step. When the demand intensifies—think 100 cases of watermelon and blueberries per day—they rely on their trusted partner and Matrix Packaging machines.

Our partnership leverages cutting-edge technology, featuring preset recipes in the HMI (Human Machine Interface), enabling seamless transitions between products. This translates to increased uptime, higher product throughput, and more smiles on the faces of those served.

Meet their go-to solutions, the MVI-280 (Mercury) and MVC-300, specifically designed for packaging fresh fruit and produce. These innovative packaging solutions enable our customers to maintain the freshness and quality of their products while efficiently meeting the demands of their customers.

Experience the dedication, precision, and technology driving Marjon Specialty Foods, ensuring that the freshest, highest-quality produce reaches those who need it most. Join us on this captivating video journey showcasing our commitment to excellence in every step of our operation.