Spee-Dee and Matrix work with Chauvin Coffee

Matrix machines are versatile and can work with multiple different fillers. In this video you can see how Matrix and Spee-Dee work together to achieve the needs of Chauvin Coffee. Check out our Coffee, Tea, and Other Powder Food Products industry page for more videos.

You could say that Spee-Dee and Matrix go together like coffee and cream. The two companies recently teamed up to engineer a new packaging line that's bringing faster speeds and greater accuracy to Chauvin Coffee. St. Louis-based Chauvin Coffee has been a family-run business for decades, serving both hand-packed specialty coffee blends and supplies for independent coffee shops throughout the Midwest, as well as co-packing coffee for larger private label brands. As its co-packing business continued to grow, Chauvin needed a new line with better speed and accuracy, so they sought out the best.

"Yeah, we were looking for the Lamborghini of packaging machines. A lot of machines are overly built, overly complicated, and overly engineered, and the Matrix is the exact opposite of that—simplicity, robustness, and lack of maintenance. That's what I was looking for."

Much of its co-packing operations are smaller 1 to 2.5-ounce fractional pillow packs. The goal of the new line was for Chauvin to increase its speed and filling accuracy of its pillow packs. The task of creating the packs fell on the Matrix Morpheus servo-driven continuous box motion bagger. This machine features a high-speed jaw system that allows for minimum dwell time for sealing bags at faster speeds.

"There's a lot of advantages—it's continuous motion, it's easier on the machinery, everything's more fluid, your timing is better, your temps are better. I mean, the list goes on and on."

With the packs being made, the only thing missing now is the coffee. To make that happen, Matrix chose a servo-driven auger filler from Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, engineered specifically for coffee and other dry particulates. Spee-Dee auger fillers allow Chauvin to achieve precise, repeatable filling cycles with increased accuracy and reliability.

"The Spee-Dee actually uses servo motors, which are extremely accurate and also extremely reliable. I mean, they can do millions and millions and millions of cycles with zero maintenance. Effectively, we really don't enjoy fixing stuff in the middle of a busy production day."

The results of Chauvin's new Lamborghini packaging line are impressive. It can fill and pack up to 160 bags a minute, a dramatic increase from its previous rate of about 65 a minute.

"And after speaking to Mark Nevin from Spee-Dee, he assured me that anything I try to run, at any speed I try to run it, they can accommodate. I would have been truly impressed at 120 a minute, even on a decent-sized pack like a 2-ounce pack. I found out that we could, if we really wanted to, and if you really want to turn it up, 160 a minute is possible, which I find absolutely astounding."

As speeds increase, accuracy often decreases, but that's not the case with Spee-Dee.

"There is the speed issue, but the accuracy issue is enormous. To get real accuracy at speed—that's the hard thing. It takes a very carefully thought-out process to make that work. I haven't built fillers myself, but I understand the premise, and I can understand why some things work better than others."

After the bags are packed, they travel up a conveyor and accumulate until they are released into an awaiting carton. Spee-Dee supplied an offline check weighing system to randomly weigh bags to ensure the fill is accurate. The combination of the Spee-Dee auger filler and the Matrix Morpheus continuous motion bagger has greatly increased production and efficiency at Chauvin Coffee.

"I wouldn't recommend anything else. It's American-made, they've got the support staff to back them up, and as far as performance goes and simplicity—those two words don't normally belong in the same sentence, but somehow they managed to pull it off. I mean, what more can you ask for?"