Matrix and Yamato Work Together to Efficiently Package Sweet Peppers

When it comes to packaging colorful sweet peppers, the Matrix MVI-330S (Elete) paired with the Yamato ADW-0-1214S creates an unbeatable packaging duo. The MVI-330S boasts a range of features and benefits designed to streamline your packaging process:

- Sturdy Construction: Built with a 4"x4" Welded Stainless Steel Frame for durability and reliability.

- Versatile Bag Sizes: Accommodates a maximum bag range of 13" x 15" (330 mm x 381 mm) for MVI-330 (Elete DS13) and 18" x 23" (457 mm x 584 mm) for MVI-460 (Elete DS18).

- High-Speed Sealing: Equipped with Beckhoff Servo Motors on pull belts and jaw drive, capable of speeds up to 100 BPM.

- Intuitive Control: Features an Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1500 PLC with a 10.4" adjustable position color touch screen for easy operation.

- Precise Temperature Control: Integrated temperature control system via PLC ensures consistent packaging quality.

- Automatic Film Tracking: Includes an automatic web edge guide film tracking system, encoder, and registration sensor as standard features.

- Easy Changeover: Tool-free film roll and forming tube changeover with short travel angled incline unwind for quick setup.

- Flexible Design: Modular design allows for user-configurable spare PLC I/O and USB port for data storage.

With this advanced packaging solution, you can trust the MVI-330S and ADW-0-1214S combination to efficiently package your vibrant sweet peppers with precision and ease.